Not Too Shabby

Shabby chic frills are the fancy of anyone who enjoys the royal treatment. Lace your crown molding with lavish lines and floral flurries. Embrace an unbashful bed, French mirrored furniture and… a watering can hanging casually from a converted pallet.

Shabby chic

Chic are the curvaceous lines inspired by the French Rococo style. Shabby are the scraps, bits and bobs and loose-ends that can be repurposed to transform a space into rustic splendor. Shabby chic is about finding the right balance between old and new, extravagant and homely. Like the seasonings for a fabulous Thai curry, all elements need to be in balance – sweet, sour, spicy and salty.

Shabby chic is infinitely creative. Go rustic, go frilly – just be sure to find a balance between the two. Here’s a few quick tips to get your sweet, sour, spicy and salty just right.

Brighten up, tone down

You don’t need to revisit the 70’s with glaring orange walls in order to brighten up a space. Simple colours can be the most satisfying. Keep wall colours light but not bright, for example a pastel toned lavender will calm a space while a marker purple can clutter an environment. Visually, loud colours will overwhelm the décor, while your goals is to enhance and accent that shabby chic sofa.

Which colours make shabby look chic?

The answer, at least for this author is none more than white. White is so simple, and blends perfectly with any tone. White never gets lost in a season, and with the right splashes of colour around the house, a seasonal make over is made easy. White is comfortable and will never distract from a fabulous mirrored dresser or stunning crystal chandelier. White reflects light around the room, making any space feel big and airy. Preparing for winter warmth is as easy as choosing warm yellow lighting.

Just the right touch

Walls can be a lot of work to repaint. Instead, try repurposing some funky old objects into chic ornaments. Choose a seasonal colour scheme you like and find objects that match. Red and green vases make for a nice touch of Christmas without going overboard.

Eat in moderation. Drink in moderation. Decorate in moderation. Balance is always best when it comes to interior design. Go pastel or choose a neutral white as a backdrop to your shabby chic frilly French furniture.

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