Of Bar Stools and Beer Taps

There are few things more pleasurable at the end of a long work day than heading to a fine pub and ordering a delicious beer or ale, perfectly refrigerated and carbonated. It’s just relaxation at its finest.

Beer taps

On the other hand, you’re paying quite a premium for that experience. A beer which might cost you less than a dollar if you were to buy it in a six or twelve pack could easily run your $6-10.00 each at your local bar, depending on what city you’re in and whether or not it’s happy hour. If you have to drive to the bar, there’s another issue as you need to be responsible and watch your beer/ale consumption carefully before hitting the road.

So, why not have at least a little of the pub experience in your own home? If you have a nook at your place, consider getting some comfortable, snazzy bar stools to go with it. We have it on good authority just about everyone looks better on a well made stool.

As for the beer taps, we admit that it takes a true blue beer lover with some dedication and disposable income to install a full bar-size tap with several brands in their own home. However, there are a number of outstanding kegerators which make it easy to have your own personal kegger with your favorite beer going 24-hours a day, every day. (Not that you should.) More modest products, like the Krups Beertender also claim to keep beer perfectly refrigerated and with just the right amount of carbonation.

Of course, you’ll have to take a number of factors into consideration, like time and money. Maybe you can handle the maintenance and really can afford to have one of the many fine full-on beer taps installed at home along with the very nicest bar stools. If not, most beer and ale aficionados can afford to spend a few hundred bucks on a kegerator or about $120-$130 on a Beertender-like system. The whole idea is to create the right atmosphere so that you and your friends, and other special people, can enjoy the fun and relaxation of a friendly pub right at home.

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