Options to Consider When Buying An Inflatable Pool

If you’re planning a summer of fun in your backyard or maybe looking for a fun addition for your place at the lake you may be considering an inflatable pool. There are a host of choices now available with every imaginable option for your inflatable pool. Here is a list of important considerations when you are preparing to buy your pool.

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Price – Inflatable pool prices range from under a hundred dollars for a fun kid size pool to a thousand dollars or more for a large 18 foot pool suitable for the whole family and hosting backyard pool parties. Price is an important consideration and with a little shopping around you can find considerable savings for the pool you want. Purchasing a package that includes a ground sheet, ladder, pump, filter, pool cover and cleaning kit can save you a lot of money and time. Some even come with bonuses like a patch kit, extra filters and pool toys.

Size – You should consider both the footprint or area the pool is going to use and the best depth for the type of activities and swimming ability of the people who will be using the pool. If your pool is going to be used by small children just to stay cool and have fun on the hottest days of summer then a wading type pool may be exactly what you need. Many have built in slides to play on.

Location – Deciding where you will set up your pool is important for both safety and convenience. It is good to locate your pool where you can take advantage of the sun to help heat your pool and in an area protected from the wind. The slope of the lot is also an important consideration.

Safety and Permits – Although most inflatable pools do not need to meet municipal building codes requiring pool fences, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission wants parents to know about the risks involved in inflatable pools. If you plan to supervise children from the house make sure you have a clear line of sight of the whole pool at all times. If you have toddlers then you should deflate and drain the pool whenever it is not being used. The temptation is too great and many small inflatable pools are easy to slip into.

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In the US 75 percent of children involved in drowning accidents or near-fatal submersions were between 1 and 3 years of age. Children at that age are increasingly mobile and naturally inquisitive and impulsive. If they are playing near the water it only takes a few seconds for them to fall in the pool.

Cleaning – It may be feasible with a smaller pool to drain and refill the pool periodically to keep the water quality fresh and safe. For a larger pool you will need to consider a filter system. Pool kits include all the necessary pumps and filters you will need but filters require periodic replacement and you need to be familiar with where you can purchase filters locally or how long it will take to have replacement filters shipped to your home.

Ladders, slides and accessories – There are a wide variety of accessories that can add to the enjoyment of your pool. Inflatable slides are a great addition to any inflatable pool and many are designed specifically to fit over the sidewall of a particular inflatable pool design. Many slides come with a water hose attachment so that you can use them as a water slide.

Toys, toys, toys – There is an almost unlimited selection of inflatable pool toys that can add to your summer inflatable pool time fun. From floating playhouses, teeter totters, ducks, dolphins and animals of every description. Your pool might even double as a high speed race course with a cool remote control air-boat to zoom around. There are also water weapons of every description from the complete line of Nerf Super Soaker scatter blasters and accessories to simple squirt guns, because every hot summer day needs deserves a water fight.

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