Outdoor Maintenance Projects: When to Save and When to Splurge

How much money is enough for repairs and renovations on your home exterior? This is the most common worry for most homeowners who are facing some extensive work on their property. Usually, you want to get both the cheapest deal and the best quality for that money from your contractor. Although quite understandable, this kind of thinking is wrong and can create expenses in the long run. What you should be interested in is what outdoor maintenance project you should save on and when to splurge.

New Windows - Outdoor Maintenance Projects: When to Save and When to Splurge

  • Splurge: new windows

Windows should never be taken lightly. The best windows will be great insulation, keeping the cold winters and hot summers out. They will also protect you from the noise, UV radiation, make sure you enjoy the utmost privacy and protect you from harsh winds and pouring rains. Cheap windows will do some of those things, but not all and will probably very quickly need repairs or even replacement. Once a considerable investment, your heating and cooling bills will be lower, so this expense could actually be paid back in a short time but will last for decades.   

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  • Splurge: Roof repairs

If your roof starts leaking that’s a sign you must call a handyman and start with the repairs as soon as possible. Since the entire house along with electrical, plumbing and heating installations and all your priceless belongings is protected by this one roof, don’t save – splurge.

When it comes to roofs, there are two things you don’t want to spare money on: the contractor and material. Nowadays, roofing material is sold with a 50-year warranty and investing in that is well worth it, especially because roofs start leaking unexpectedly and the damage done can turn out to cost more than the new high-quality material.

  • Save: Garden

You don’t need expensive plants and equipment to take care of your garden, just time, online tutorials and advice from the local botanist or your neighbour. The choice of plants is very diverse and plentiful, and many cheaper seedlings turn out to be a better solution than the expensive ones. Also, a garden can be organised so it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and most of the landscaping you can do by yourself over the weekend. DIY projects in your garden are actually encouraged by most of the gardening portals and podcasts, and you can buy all the necessary material at the local home depot.

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  • Save: Walkway

This is another possible DIY project that can save you money and still give you a nice, paved walkway. The idea is to create something interesting and well fitted with the rest of your yard. Some websites advise using thrown away materials like broken tiles or cement blocks and going for a more rustic path with pebbles and earth filling in the gaps.

There’s always the option of buying some stones or gravel and doing it in a more sophisticated way, maybe adding some wooden planks, too.  Whatever you choose to do, don’t bother spending too much because walkways are something that can easily be displaced or refreshed.

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  • Splurge: Taking care of the trees

Trees are not just there for decoration or to provide shade, they are one of the most magnificent plants we have and responsible for processing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen, so they deserve some splurging. But like any living thing, trees can get sick, so they need care and protection. Even if they just need some trimming, handling sharp tools and climbing to a certain height is an invite for injury and trouble. Instead, Bradshaw Tree Services and other similar companies make sure that your trees are in the best possible shape and pose no danger to you or your home. Whatever the situation, do extensive research and talk to your friends. Even consulting some experts in specialised stores is a good idea. And then make a sound and reasonable decision which will bring you the best affordable solutions for maintaining your home.

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