Paint Your House Yourself and Save Your Pride

Anyone can paint his own house; all you need is some time off, a few tools, and a minimum knowledge. If you respect a few ground rules, you will be very satisfied with the result you get. No one will ever know that your house has not been painted by a professional painter.

Painting house

Steps to Follow before You Start Painting

The good news is that anyone can be a painter with a little patience and goodwill. Here are the main steps you have to follow:

  • The first thing you need to do before starting such a messy work is to empty the room of all the furniture. If you cannot take it all out, make sure you cover it with plastic to avoid ruining it.
  • Next step involves taking down the old paint from the walls. For this process, you will need a palette knife. You should lay a blanket on the floor to avoid ruining it. You could also use a sheet or plastic, but some specialists say that the sheet is too thin, and the plastic keeps the paint liquid.
  • When the old paint is gone, you have to level the walls with sand paper or another abrasive fabric.
  • When all these steps are done, you can start painting the walls with the color you already chose.

How to Choose the Paint?

Although many people would choose white for their paint, it is not always the best color. Interior designers recommend us to use neutral and pastel colors which would create a warm atmosphere, no matter the room you are painting. Neutral colors and tints provide a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

painting together

Try to analyze each color at home; do not make a decision based on the colors you see at the store. Bring the sample home and hang it on the wall to see how it fits. Let it be there for an entire day and see how it looks depending on the light it receives (in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening). You can also buy a few cans of paint with the colors you think you like and start painting a corner of the wall with each color to see which one fits best.

Let the Technology Help You

As it has always been very difficult to choose the paint color for your room, IT engineers have developed software which will help you paint an entire room in different colors to see how it looks. Before actually purchasing your paint, ask the store manager if he has such software, and if he does, ask him to let you use it. It will make your decision much easier.

Tips to Save Time, Energy, and Paint

  • Dip only a one-third of your paint brush or roller into the paint. The excess of paint will not fasten your painting process, but cumber it.
  • Wrap a screwdriver in a cloth and clean the edge of the paint can before putting the lid back. This way they can will be sealed correctly.
  • Store the remaining paint with its lid upside down. This way the paint will create a seal around the lid without going dry.
  • If you do not have enough time to clean the brush or the roller, you can put it in a bag in a dark and cold place. This way it will stay wet until you get the chance to clean it.

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