Pamper Yourself with a Luxurious Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the great conveniences of modern life. Historically, bathing was entirely optional, undertaken only when one was truly too dirty to function, sometimes once a year. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I was apparently ridiculed by her courtiers for taking a bath once a month! But all that has changed. Bathrooms are not only an integral part of our existence but a great way to express your creativity and your tastes as well.

Luxurious Bathroom

And as we spend more and more time in the bathroom, we like to decorate it just right; it should be a place where we and guests to our home feel comfortable. And while we should never forget exactly how important functionality is in a room as functional as the bathroom, it does not hurt to decorate with enough flair to please aesthetics as well. You can let your imagination run wild with a powdering area or a granite table top. With a little bit of help, you will be able to find the right materials to put together a bathroom that transcends its purpose and becomes a haven.

The First Step to Remodeling

So you have decided that your bathroom needs a change; it looks old and faded and frankly, boring. A quick spot of remodeling is in order, and you have already picked out the color schemes. All you need, in short, is to look at a wide range of bathroom vanities and find the perfect one, one that will fit like that last missing puzzle piece into you newly decorated bathroom. Today, there are so many bathroom vanities to choose from, including ones in the vintage style. Many designers of bathroom supplies in Sydney have gone as far as to take old pieces of furniture such as tables, desks and dressers, and convert them into vanities which have a special, unique character all of their own.

Building Around that Perfect Vanity

Once you have found that beautiful antique (or modernistic) masterpiece that will be your vanity as well as your pride, your job is to make it the star of the show. Everything around it should play it up, like the lighting and your choice of tiles. Clashing would be terrible, but complements, or even just the right hint of contrast, will be divine. So keep your key colours carefully in mind, even when it comes to picking out your towels, as well as whatever perfect little chair you keep in front of your brand new vanity.

Little Innovations to Light Up Your Day

Vanities are a delightful addition, of course, but they are not the be all and end all of bathroom redecoration. Here is another thing you can let your imagination soar with: bathroom lighting! And one particularly intriguing innovation is the lighted mirror. After all, the most important function of lighting in a bathroom (other than to set the mood, of course) is to make sure you can see yourself as you are dressing, undressing (we know how important the perfect outfit is) and the most crucial of all, applying make up. These luxurious little trinkets put the lighting exactly where you most need it: right in the mirror itself, and you get such an amazing view.

Unconventional Ideas to Put Other Bathrooms in the Shade

Sometimes, it makes everything better to go against the flow. With your pretty vanity, backlit mirrors, perfect lighting and carefully chosen tiles, sometimes things tend to get a little bland. The point is to make sure this a place where you feel comfortable, a place where you enjoy spending time. After all, so many people choose to read books in the bath, and certain people do fall asleep in their bathroom on particularly early mornings. If you are one of the former, you can always install a bookshelf in your bathroom too. And if you are among the latter, you can always take advantage of a particularly nice rug. But for slightly more conventional options, you can always find bathroom supplies in Sydney.

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