Part exchange scheme could solve house selling woes

The decision to sell the family home and move to pastures new is an exciting time for anyone. Suddenly, a whole new world of viewing houses and making important decisions opens up before you. The estate agent arrives, takes photographs and measurements and you sit and wait for your first prospective buyers to view your house.


Is selling becoming a forlorn hope?
Your stairs may echo to the tread of countless sightseers, or so it rapidly appears, who come to look but fail to put in an offer. It all becomes a little disheartening when you constantly hear the same platitudes.

It suddenly looks as though the sale you thought would be so easy is rapidly escalating out of control and moving begins to look like an unattainable hope. This is especially upsetting if you have found the home of your dreams at a price you can afford and see the opportunity of buying it gradually slipping away through your fingers. It can even make job relocation difficult and this is especially so if there is a critical timescale involved.

Well, fear not. Many builders have a part exchange scheme which puts a completely different complexion on proceedings.

A solution

Part exchange schemes completely take away the hassle of selling because you already have a buyer. It also eliminates the dreaded chain where one sale falling through can jeopardise the entire process, leaving everyone out of pocket and seething.

It is all very simple. A new house and the builder buys your old home. There are no estate agent’s fees and you have a totally guaranteed buyer.

Once you have decided to go down the part exchange path you will not regret it. You choose your new home and the builder will arrange for two independent valuations on your old property. The builder makes an offer which is normally based on the average of the two valuations and, once you have accepted this, your new home can be reserved.

The sale then proceeds along the normal route and you can move into your newly built home once it is completed. This happens even if the builder has not sold your old home which means the whole process is efficient, fast and with none of the headaches usually found in house buying and selling.

So, it is no more showing hoards of people round your house, disrupting family life. No more heating up the coffee pot and making home baked bread to create the best atmosphere for prospective buyers who have simply come to sightsee. Now you are safe in the knowledge you have a buyer and it has all been achieved so easily.

Part exchange is an increasingly popular way of moving into an exciting new property. Many developers such as Linden Homes run these schemes, with all their new houses built to a high standard with modern specifications.

Author: David Leeves writes regularly for a range of mortgage websites and blogs. His articles on #Ben Bailey Homes have appeared in several professional publications. David is married and lives in Wales.

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