Party in Your Bathroom with an LED-Equipped Showerhead

Planning a home renovation? The bathroom may not exactly be your top priority, but if you consider your bathroom your special sanctuary, a place to relax and unwind after a long stressful day, then you’d definitely agree that your bathroom deserves equal attention in your renovation plans.

LED-Equipped Showerhead

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your bathroom is by installing a colour-changing shower head, such as one offered by Sodial! The LED on the color-changing shower head from requires no batteries. Power is generated through a small turbine that lights up when the water is running through the shower head. Customer reviews point out to how the shower head is low-priced compared to similar products available in commercial stores.

The light given off by the colour-changing shower head is said to be bright enough to help you shower without the need to turn on your regular bathroom lights. It will not light up without the water running, though, so you are most likely going to need to use regular lights when the shower stops running.

The Sodial shower head also helps reduce water pressure. If you’d like a more manageable water pressure level from your shower, then you can use the device to replace your regular showerhead. Lower water pressure helps you save water and thus, reduce your water bill.

However, don’t expect the lights to change with the water temperature. This feature would have been handy though especially for those who have been scalded by their shower at home.

If you want to use Sodial Shower Head as a hand held shower, you can buy extra accessories for it such as a hose and bracket. While it looks like it’s made of metal, it’s actually made of plastic like most of the showerheads available on the market. Pair this color-changing shower head with a videoke and you’ve instantly got a party going on in your bathroom!

Fun Bathroom Ideas

If a light-changing showerhead is not enough to turn your bathroom into the fun sanctuary that you want it to be, you could amp it up by having someone install color-changing tiles. The tiles change color with the temperature of the water so that should impress your guests.

If you have a child and you want to ramp up the fun factor in your bathroom, you could go with creative themes in your bathroom such as going with a LEGO theme or a pirate ship theme.

You could also add dedicated shelves for some of the bath toys of your kids. Get a small shelf and fill it with rubber duckies and other pool toys!

The bathroom can also be a place where you can continue the theme throughout the house. For instance,you could go with a car theme for your bathroom and decorate the interior walls with car plates, if you’re a fan of cars.

For some, a bathroom is not just a place to get a quick shower but is also a sanctuary where it’s OK to have fun and let loose. Take these ideas and make them as inspiration for your next bathroom renovation project. When upgrading your bathroom, you soul also remember to ensure that the room is safe, so you can lower your home insurance. Make sure that all the pipes are properly maintained so that no water damage occurs thereby keeping the integrity of the house intact.

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