Patio Design Tricks for a Small Backyard

Even though some people like to go wild in their backyard and make a pool, organic garden or even a playground for their kids, in most cases, the patio will be the absolute hotspot of the entire area. Moreover, the limited size of your backyard may dismiss some of the aforementioned, more ambitious projects right away. This means that the materials you use, design tricks you employ and furniture and accessories you choose might play a crucial role in the overall function and the impression of your entire backyard. This being said, here are a few useful tricks you may want to have in mind when you plan something like this.

Planters - Patio Design Tricks for a Small Backyard

Hanging planters

One of the first things you need to know here is that the term ‘small’ tends to be up to some interpretation, which that it is a matter of perspective. For instance, while the entire floor level of your patio may be used up, your walls may be completely naked, which means that you will have an ideal opportunity to decorate them with all sorts of hanging planters. In this way, you utilize the only empty space you have and get to transform your patio into a beautiful green heaven.

While some like to use empty jars for this occasion, others prefer going with hanging colander planters, which can be just as effective. Aside from a colander, you would also need a few handles and some twine both of which cost next-to-nothing. Finally, in order to make your patio even more colorful, you could even consider painting or decorate these planters in any way you like.

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The choice of furniture

Another important issue you have to resolve here is what to do with your patio furniture. On one hand, going with DIY palette seating might be a cost-effective solution but at the same time, this does tend to take a bit more space than you can afford. It goes without saying that an average patio chair takes up 2 to 3 times less space than a palette sofa, however, there is a third way. Some people believe that patio hammocks are a perfect crossover between comfort and space-efficiency. Furthermore, seeing how they are made through a DIY project, they also cost less and give you an opportunity to completely utilize them depending on your personal preference.

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Providing the shade

You need to keep in mind that the period in which you are the most likely to use your patio is either during spring or summer. The first season brings the hazard of periodic rains, while the latter one is recognizable by blazing heats that make prolonged outside sitting parties quite uncomfortable. In order to deal with both of these issues, you need to find a way to provide the cover for your patio and there are several methods worth some consideration.

Before we even start, it is important to get one thing out of the way. While planting a tree would be an ideal option, this solution A) takes too much space and B) it can take 5 to 9 years for a tree to fully matures. As for your first viable choice, you might want to invest in a shade sail or a parasol. Now, while these two options are quite inexpensive they are also quite unaesthetic and even ineffective in a lot of situations.

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Next, you could consider installing a retractable awning or even take this one step further and install a pergola. While some may fear that this step is quite expensive, some pergola experts like those from Correct Construction offer a no-cost, obligation free measure, and cost-estimate. In this way, you can consult an expert and see how this idea would fit your budget instead of dismissing it right away. As you can see, the fact that you have a limited space in your backyard shouldn’t act as an obstacle but yet another creative challenge for you to overcome. With the right mindset and an adequate amount of research, you can easily turn your backyard patio into your own little getaway. By achieving this, you can make stepping outside of your slide door feel like taking a trip to a vacation. Needless to say, this is something that virtually everyone needs in 2017.

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