Perks of Living in an Urban Environment

The word urban, as an adjective, generally means the developing area of large cities that are densely populated. Makati City is one of the large cities in the country that are highly urbanized. Why do people choose live in densely populated areas in large cities? There are a lot of benefits to living in highly urbanized areas. Here are some of them.

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The reduced cost and consumption of material resources for the construction of buildings for residential use creates affordable housing. An apartment building can house more families than a low density suburban community on the edge of the city, and suburban neighborhood houses uses more materials.


There is a reduced cost of maintenance for the residential space and public infrastructure. If more people lived in the same area, and all of those people had jobs and paid association dues and taxes, more people would be paying for example, the maintenance of the pool or the available amenities provided by the condominium tower. They pay less since more people can divide the cost.


There are less household expenditures and more energy savings. People are less exposed to the weather, and there are relatively smaller spaces to heat and cool. Small spaces are easier to heat when the weather is cold, and easier to cool when the weather is hot, so it takes less energy to control the temperature inside the unit. Smaller spaces also mean that there is less to clean, and uses less consumable items for sanitation.


Communities encourage better social interaction. Because residents live so close together, they tend to interact more and better with each other than neighborhoods that are sparsely populated. People spend more time in their community walking to destinations and amenities, and this fosters contact with other residents. This increases the people’s sense of ownership in their community.


Reduced costs for private transportation. Urban areas are built to be walkable, especially when there are many destinations close by. Residents can choose to walk the way to the facilities near their place of dwelling and leave their cars at home, which means that maintenance and fuel costs are low, and accidents are prevented which results in lower insurance payment.


Public facilities are more effectively used because they are easily accessible by many people. Parks, libraries, sports centers, plazas, and community centers serve more people in densely populated areas rather than sparsely populated and spread out.


These communities attract businesses. Areas that are vibrant and pleasant attract businesses, especially communities that are densely populated and where amenities and facilities, places of leisure such as shopping malls and nightlife districts, and also commercial retail spaces are for sale or rent, are near and walkable. Every person in the community is a possible client, and having so many people in such a small space can mean that there are several possible target demographics for business.



These are just some of the benefits of living in a highly urbanized environment that is why many are looking for Condominiums for sales in areas like Makati. Many people choose to live in densely populated areas because of the convenience, the ease of living, and the affordability of a home.




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