Personalize Your Mailbox

Who says that your mailbox has to be boring, left to rust with the elements slowly eating away the paint and metal? There are hundreds of ways to spice up your mailbox, and possibly even affect the curb value of your home. Decorating your mailbox will also help friends and family locate your house when they come to visit. Read on for ten ways that you can decorate your mailbox.

Tropical sea paint mail box

Paint a Scene on Your Mailbox

If you are artistic, or know someone who is, paint a beautiful scene on your mailbox. You can create a personalized mountain scene, a lakeside, ocean, coffee shop, cityscape, or forest. Your imagination is the limit! You can paint it one solid color, fill it with flowers, turn it into a fairy home, or a tropical paradise. Don’t forget to paint the mailbox stand as well as the actual mailbox. Apply a tough outdoor finish to the paint so that it doesn’t peel off over time.

Autumn scene with road

Powder Coat Your Mailbox

Did you know that you can powder coat your mailbox? Powder coating is more durable than paint and it will help protect your mailbox from the elements. It is a good idea to powder coat your mailbox, especially if you live in an area that is exposed to harsh seasonal elements. While you can powder coat your mailbox one solid color, you can also customize it to fit your needs.

Mailbox Sport

Give a Shout-Out to Your Favorite Sports Team on Your Mailbox

Personalize your mailbox by applying propaganda for your favorite sports team across the surface. If you like a certain baseball, soccer, or football team, display their logo proudly for your whole street to see. Just be careful that you don’t decorate your mailbox if you live in a neighborhood where displaying team colors could create contention and potentially vandalism.

Holiday Mailbox

Decorate Your Mailbox for the Holidays

You decorate the rest of your home for the holidays, why not include your mailbox in the festivities? You can plaster it with hearts for Valentine’s Day, cover it in a garland or put a little wreath on the side for Christmas, deck it out patriotic for the 4th of July, or cover it in spiderwebs and skeletons for Halloween. It is really simple to decorate your mailbox for the holidays, as just one garland, flag or wreath can cover the whole orifice.

Fish Mailbox

Decorate Your Mailbox With Your Favorite Hobby

Use your mailbox as an expression of your favorite hobby. If you like fishing, turn your mailbox into a giant bass. If you’re a hunter, either cover your mailbox in camo or put antlers on it. If you are an artist, use your mailbox as a canvas as mentioned above.

Mailbox with name

Put Your Name on Your Mailbox

Putting your last name on your mailbox will help visitors double check that they have arrived at the right house. Have it written in a fancy font, bold colors or simply in a block font. There are many companies that will make custom vinyl labels, or you can print it out on a sticker and stick it on. If you are feeling especially fancy, you can hand-paint the letters onto your mailbox.


Monogram Your Mailbox

If you are concerned about privacy but you still want to personalize your mailbox, put a cute monogram on it instead of your name. You can mix the initials of you and your significant other in a cute design, or just use the first letter of your last name. Again you can use vinyl labels, stickers or paint it on. You can also include a fancy design in your monogram to make your mailbox really spectacular.

Fancy mailbox with rooster

Put Your Favorite Animal on Your Mailbox

If you love horses, snakes, owls or cats, get a custom decal to stick on your mailbox that features your favorite animal. Many of the companies that create mailbox decals allow you to personalize your item to feature whatever you would like.. You can even turn the entire mailbox into the shape of the animal by adding wooden or metal pieces to the sides and back of the box.

Mailbox puppy

Put Your Pet on Your Mailbox

As mentioned above, many decal companies allow you to personalize your decals. You can put a picture of your pet over the surface of your mailbox. It is a great way to memorialize your pet if they have recently passed away. If you are giving a dog or cat to your significant other or to your kids, a great way to present it is to put the little animal in the mailbox and have them check the mail. Just make sure that they are not in there too long or they can suffocate or fall out!

Mailbox in garden

Turn Your Mailbox Into a Flower Garden

You can turn your mailbox into a flower garden by draping the stand with either real or fake vines and wrapping the box in real or fake flower garlands. Surround the mailbox stand with a small planter and fill it with beautiful seasonal flowers. Just make sure that your plants don’t grow over the mailbox, as obstruction of the mail is a federal offence!

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