Polished Concrete Floors- Various Advantages and Cleaning Tips

Concrete is a material which is friendly to the environment and easy to maintain. Polished concrete floor is one of the best indoor flooring options which are highly functional and versatile. Concrete floors can be made to resemble the look of marble or stone with the use of different colors and patterns. It is used in most of the residential and commercial floors as it is ingrained with a large number of beneficial qualities.

Polished Concrete Floors

Some significant Advantages of concrete floors
Durable and tensile: As concrete is one of the hardest construction materials, it is known to be tensile and durable. It is an ideal flooring option as it lasts for a long time period. It can also be attained and maintained easily unlike the other flooring materials.

Less maintenance: There is hardly any need for regular recoats on concrete floors as regular mopping and cleaning can give gleaming floors for years.

Hygienic: Concrete flooring is hygienic as it is resistant to spills, scratches and flames. It is also non-allergenic and therefore it is highly recommended for people with asthma and allergies. Concrete floors are seldom damaged by molds, mildew and humidity. As it does not retain dirt or dust, it can be cleaned easily and quickly. These floors can be cleaned easily by dusting or mopping with a wet mop.

Heat absorbency: Polished concrete floors absorb a substantial amount of heat from sunlight during the daytime.

Less expensive: One of the best advantages of concrete flooring is its lower maintenance costs. It is therefore used in high traffic areas such as corridors, hallways and schools.

Elegant appearance: Concrete floors are glossy and beautiful in appearance. It usually appears elegant and expensive with its striking designs and colors which are quite similar to marble and granite floorings.

Eco-friendly: Concrete flooring solutions are also eco-friendly as it contains no dangerous organic compounds. Moreover, these floors seldom require the frequent use of wax coatings.

High reflectivity: Another important benefit of concrete flooring is its high reflectivity. It exudes a unique and distinctive appearance which reflects a high degree of gloss. It can therefore be used in offices, restaurants and other places which require a beautiful ambience. As the surfaces of these floors are polished, it increases the visibility in the buildings with less overhead light. It also reduces the amount of light required in buildings or rooms.

How to Clean Concrete?
It is quite easy to care and maintain polished concrete floors. It has been quite trouble-free to maintain the shine for many years with regular care. Moreover, it is quite inexpensive to maintain concrete floors.

Regular dusting of concrete floors helps to remove dirt and debris from the surfaces. Use a mop to clean the floors. Warm water with mild dishwasher liquids can also be used to clean the concrete floors. The floors can then be allowed to dry.

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