Pothole on Your Property? 5 Tips for Avoiding Injury

Potholes are a point of failure in concrete or asphalt pavements. This is caused by excess water seeping into the soil beneath, which causes shifting and settlement to create soft spots or air pockets that soon crumble under the weight of vehicles. Towns and cities are responsible for repairs on public streets, but if it’s on your property, it’s your problem. Here are some ways to avoid potholes.

Pothole - Pothole on Your Property? 5 Tips for Avoiding Injury

1. Be vigilant

Potholes can be hard to spot in the dark, fog, or driving rain. They can also become filled with dust, leaves, or other debris so that they’re practically undetectable. As your navigating your driveway or private road, make note of the location of any depressions that might be a pothole and keep an eye on them.

2. Protect your car

Potholes can appear suddenly or grow quickly. If you notice a bad spot, use some caution to prevent damage to your car. Depending on your speed and the depth of the pothole, they can burst tires, bend steering and suspension components, or do damage to exhaust systems or lower body panels. If you’ve spotted what could be a pothole, reduce speed and avoid it.

3. Visitors

Remember that a pothole is a hazard not just to you, but to your visitors. If you entertain guests or family, you could be responsible if their vehicles are damaged. That also includes delivery drivers or service personnel. Guests walking across your property could also trip and fall because of potholes. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be sued.

4. When you hit a pothole

If you hit a pothole with much impact, pay attention to how your car handles. Check your tires for scrapes or bulges. If your car wanders or steers erratically, you may have front end damage. Get your vehicle to a trusted mechanic for an inspection. This could be quite a hit on your wallet, in that some policies won’t cover potholes that are your own responsibility.

5. Repair potholes

Depending on the extent of the pothole, sometimes you make a temporary fix by compacting sand into it. In other cases, you can use gravel mixed with asphalt or cement. But even these are temporary measures. For bad potholes, you should call a repair service like T. Luckey Sons, Inc. for help.

Potholes are not just a nuisance; they can be a genuine hazard to you and everyone that visits your property. By ensuring that they’re fixed properly, you can avoid the physical and legal damages. Keep these tips in mind the next time you see damage in your home or business’s asphalt.

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