Preparatory Steps before You Build a New Home

Building your own home from scratch provides you with endless opportunities in terms of design and quality. However, such advantages do not come without problems of their own. Since you are in charge of everything, you need to delineate all the steps that will guide you to your dream home becoming a reality. They include dabbling with construction materials, contractors, bank loans, search for the ideal location, and design issues.

House Plan - Preparatory Steps before You Build a New Home

Plotting the plot

Any good real estate agent will tell you that location itself is enough to sell the ugliest of homes. Building your own home is no different, so you need to take great care to where you are going to live. If the plot is the site of your old home, then you needn’t worry too much but if you’re looking for land to acquire, then search far and wide. Be aware that cheaper plots probably come with a flaw or two, like the inexistence of a power line nearby or the nearest store or school are far away. This means that you will have to research the neighborhood a bit to find out if you really want to live in a given location.

Finding the right contractor

Even if you’re not unfamiliar with building construction, it is always better to hire a contractor to get things done. Their experience in the industry is the best guarantee that the job will be done on time. However, you still need to choose a reliable contractor. The best way to do this is to go word of mouth and ask your friends if they have worked with a solid construction firm.

Once you select a potential candidate, go through their portfolio to find if they have worked on projects similar to yours. The company can be top-notch but if they have only erected commercial structures, then they are not the right crew for your residential construction project. Once you decide on a suitable contractor, be sure that you put into writing everything that you orally agree on. This way, both of you will be protected in case of any lawsuits.

Bedroom - Preparatory Steps before You Build a New Home

Staying up to date

Even after you have selected the contractor and even if you trust them completely, you still need to be updated about the work. Most conscientious contractors invite their clients to come and check how the work is progressing but you should be proactive on your own as well. You should monitor the build and show interest in the ongoing work without getting in the way of the builders.

The thing is, no matter how detailed the agreement you have made with the contractor is, they are still going to have additional questions for you. These might regard smaller issues, like the color of the walls in the nursery or the installation of AC units but you are still needed to guide the subcontractors to turn your wishes into reality.

Taking care of the finances

Presumably, you haven’t embarked on such a large-scale without enough money to start with. Even you have enough money to complete the build; you might encounter monetary issue along the way. Some cheaper material, like aluminum roofs can be out of stock, so you might be forced to go for a more expensive replacement, like cooper roofing. There is no need to panic if you have the entered the project financially well-prepared. A contingency budget should be set at some 10% of the total value and in general, it should suffice for any unplanned costs. Even if you haven’t accounted for contingency costs, a bank loan is always an option but this is a more costly solution. However, you mustn’t let work stop so a cash injection is much needed if extra costs occur.

Dining Area - Preparatory Steps before You Build a New Home

Setting on the design

Last but not least, you should have a pretty clear idea of the design you want. However, it is often impossible for a prospective homeowner to design every single room in the house, so they turn to consulting agencies like Statesman Homes who help them with the overall home design. Depending on the size of your future home and how much you are willing to spend, such consultancies can help settle on a particular design. These can range from family homes to double story structures. The best thing about involving professionals is that their designs are all-encompassing, i.e. they are applicable to the entire house as a whole.

The 5 preparatory steps listed here form the very essence of what you need to do before the construction of your dream home commences. Yes, this real estate project you are embarking on is not easy and might be the biggest challenge of your life but remember: by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

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