Pros and Cons Over Traditional Firewood

There is a massive number of customers who would like to order eco hardwood online. It could be that you have no information on what eco logs are, their benefits, and drawbacks over the traditional woods.

Firewood - Pros and Cons Over Traditional Firewood

Like you may already know, eco logs can be a practical alternative to the old-fashioned firewood logs. These are usually made from wood shavings and sawdust that have been heated and are compressed mechanically to form briquettes consisting of some dense fuel that is highly concentrated. These do not contain additives or artificial chemicals as they are made of biomass that is purely organic.

These make them be the right choice for use in the household fireplaces and are also suitable for cooking appliances that make use of solid fuel. However, you will need to determine the right option for you. Should you choose the conventional firewood logs or can you use the eco logs? All these firewood logs come with their pros and cons. This means that it is crucial for you to understand the pros and cons of eco logs versus the traditional firewood.

Pros of eco logs

The eco logs have an advantage in that they usually burn more efficiently as compared to the standard woods. These do not contain moisture that can allow them to release the heat faster as compared to the conventional logs when these are burned. This is on top of the fact that a small amount of the weight of the log will consist of water and this means that eco logs are able to burn longer than the native firewood logs. Of course, there are variables here but one assumes that we can make is that a common hardwood has the same weight.

The heightened efficient that comes with eco logs means that in the long term, these are comparable to the traditional woods in terms of cost-effectiveness. However, there is various variable here such as the efficiency of your stove, type of stove, moisture content and the type of wood (softwood or hardwood).

Since these are mechanically made products of the same standard size, they can take a space that is far less as compared to the natural logs. This applies even where these are kiln dried and stacked in crates. This means that they are the right choice for people who live in areas that are built up or areas where the storage space is sold at a premium.

When the high density is combined with some low moisture, this will result in a low ash residue. When the ash is less, this will mean less cleaning up. Therefore, if you are searching for an affordable and practical source of fuel, there is no better choice than eco logs

eco logs - Pros and Cons Over Traditional Firewood

Cons of eco logs

One of the cons of buying eco firewood online is that it doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal that comes with the traditional logs. What is, even more, is that they don’t offer a similar range of sweet aromas that are common with the natural logs. When burning in the fireplace, firewood looks stunning and homely. It can also have a pleasant and evocative aroma. Eco logs, on the other hand, don’t have a similar aromatic and visual appeal. Therefore, if you find these qualities important, you need to go with the traditional firewood.

In case you are searching for fuel whose moisture content is very low such as eco logs and still has the same smell and appearance as the traditional firewood, you need to consider using the kiln-dried logs.

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