Protecting your garden from Pests

Growing season is an exciting time for home gardeners who wish to grow their own food. Unfortunately, insects like your fruits and vegetables as much as you do. Although you can easily find pest control products at the store, there are other ways to do the job without using potentially harmful chemicals.


Some insects thrive on garden vegetables so much that it is hard to get your good growing healthfully. One good strategy is to bring beneficial insects into the battle. Certain insects feed on the bugs that feed on your plants. They will rid you of the bad bugs and protect your garden.

Birds serve a similar job performed by the beneficial insects. They will eat the worms and other insects that attack your plants. All you need to attract the birds is a clean bird bath and a bird feeder. Certain birds are attracted to certain bugs, so you may want to provide feeders that attract the right birds to help you with your problem.

If your problem comes from moles and other underground vermin, you can get solar powered spikes that shake occasionally. When they shake, the ground trembles and annoys the underground vermin so much that they will leave for a less annoying place.

You might also want to simply remove the critters from you home garden with humane relocation. Contact the local humane society to learn about the various types of traps and cages available to help with your vermin problem. They can also advise you about where to go to safely relocate the critters. It will not do to simply drive to an open field and release them because if the area does not have appetizing vegetation or water, they will simply return to the city or even your garden for the food and water they need.

For larger critters like skunks and raccoons that are rather agile you should use prevention rather than direct action dealing with them. Raccoons are known carriers of diseases and skunks attack with their smell. The best prevention is to use secure trash cans well away from the house. Raccoons will either simply open a lid that is not secured or knock over the trash can to get to the food. But, if you use a bungee cord or rope to secure the lid, the animal will simply go find something easier.

The guest poster of this article hopes that you are able to keep the bad bugs away from your garden.

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