Putting You in the Frame

It would require a strikingly modern, austere and minimalist tone for pictorial art to be absent from the home. Where teenagers adorn their walls with posters of their heroes torn out of magazines, the more mature decorator may instead opt for a nice quiet Manet reproduction for the study.

Photo frame
Image Credit: flickr.com/photos/niallkennedy

Of course, the options extend far beyond standard repro art. Photography is also a popular choice, with many a home showcasing family photography. There is something beautifully homely and welcoming about entering a property and finding a family’s story told in photos across the walls and on the mantelpiece.

There is one thing, however, which is all too often overlooked. Preoccupied with fixing red eye or Photoshopping out an ex, it is easy to forget that the frame which houses an image can have a significant impact on the overall effect. Whether you decide to re-home all of your photos and negotiate a deal on trade photo frames or you opt to replace only individual frames, you will need to do a little research. The following are three tips.

1. Use the Frame to Enhance the Image

This is a basic design tip, but one that is often ignored. Avoid selecting angular metal frames and filling them with sepia photos of your great-grandmother in a tin bath. Equally, be careful when presenting cool modern abstract art in a rich mahogany frame. Make the two things work together.

2. Give the Image Space to Breathe

One tip is to use wide borders on modern photography. It gives what artists term ‘breathing space’ to the images, preventing them from appearing crowded as a result of ‘visual noise’.

3. Select a Professional Supplier

The internet has put a great deal of power back into the hands of consumers. Now it is easier than ever to weigh up the options for your next purchase without scouring the high street. Furthermore, the reduced overheads of internet trade retailers ensure that savings are passed on to the consumer. Specialists such as wallspace.co.uk provide a wide range of frames to suit almost ever conceivable image. Browsing the site can provide superb visual inspiration, particularly for niche images which may require some trial and error.

Be a Material Girl (or Boy)

As the BBC reports   digital frames have grown in popularity. However, it is incredibly difficult to replace the cool, assured class of a photo which has been properly mounted and framed in high-quality materials.

By way of a postscript, selecting an appropriate mount is of equal importance. Once again, the mount should enhance rather than detract from the image. For all but the simplest of images, mounts in a plain colour are far less likely to create “noise”. Layered mounts in different colours can work well for certain traditional images but rarely sit well within a modern frame. Multiple smaller photos can work well in specially designed multi-image mounts, but these are all to often accompanied by unwanted (and often twee) imaging or shaping which must be treated with caution.

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