Quartz or Marble: Two Great Options for Countertops

Homeowners have many options when it comes to deciding which material to use for countertops, but for many, the decision comes down to choosing between quartz or marble.Quartz is a man-made material processed in factories and available in a large range of patterns, colors, and other features. It can be prefabricated and made to fit most spaces. It’s an incredibly durable material and it can withstand a lot of spills and stains. And it’s generally more affordable in comparison marble.

Countertops - Quartz or Marble: Two Great Options for Countertops

However, the style of marble with its naturally formed veins and other markings, is a dramatic look that homeowners are often willing to pay extra for. It is a classic choice that maintains its value throughout the years. Unfortunately, marble tends to be more expensive and can require greater care and maintenance in order to keep it looking brand new.

Marble has a lot of natural streaks, veins and other marks, so for designers looking for something simple, quartz can be the better choice. That’s because it can be produced in single colors and in prefabricated slabs that can fit just about anywhere. A popular approach to use in kitchens is to make quartz countertops in shades of white, cream, and neutral colors, that will match most design options.

To get moving in the direction of a visual that looks like marble but is still quartz, there’s the option of using quartz that is produced in a light white with soft gray flecks, veins, and other markings. In a very subtle way it projects the look of marble, but with all the benefits of using quartz.

One of the leading reasons that homeowners choose quartz over marble is that it can be produced to resemble marble almost identically but at a much lower cost. For example, it’s possible to buy quartz slabs that are white with veins throughout with darker grays and other colors. This is a lower-cost option to achieve the look of marble, and also one that will require less maintenance.

Kitchen countertops - Quartz or Marble: Two Great Options for Countertops

Although these are great ways to show off quartz and mimic the look of marble, sometimes the real deal is what people want – and there are several great ways to use for marble for countertops.

An eye-catching option is to use countertops made from white marble with dramatic streaks of light gray and gold throughout. This looks great for countertops and also for “islands,” the stand-alone units that can be a great focal point for kitchens. A top tip is to use a “waterfall” design approach that continues the style on top of the counters down the sides of the island.

Or use a similar marble tile of light gray and white coloring combined in a swirl pattern that works wonders either for a countertop, a back splash, or a bigger project like a room’s entire floor.

It’s up to homeowners to decide whether they prefer the lower-cost but more versatile quartz, or the more-expensive but potentially better looking authentic marble. The good news is that whichever of the two are used, the final product is bound to improve the look of any room.

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