Quick and Affordable Home Office Makeovers

Just like any other room in your house, your home office needs occasional makeover. True, and not exactly true. If you plan to do serious business, being as productive and efficient as possible, your home office should be the first room on your makeover list. This is especially true if you have been working in conditions that do not meet the standards required for an office to be a productive and inspiring environment, which is unfortunately the case with the majority of home office, for one reason or another. However, be the lack of time, knowledge or money, you are not in a dead end. Here are some useful tips on how to do a complete home office makeover and stay on the budget.

Home Office Computer Room Design

Thorough decluttering

This is the initial and closing step of every successful makeover. When you start getting rid of all unnecessary items from your office you will be very surprised by the amount of things that have been lying around, unused and untouched for days or weeks, without you noticing that before. This is somewhat understandable due to tight time schedule we all run at. On the other hand, having a decluttered office at all times significantly makes your work more efficient and in summary requires less time to clean. Therefore, all unnecessary files, gadgets, office appliances and any other unused items need to go.

Replace your old chair and refresh the furniture

Office chair is one of the most significant items in your office. It needs to be comfortable and above all ergonomic since you spend the majority of your working hours in it. All the back pain, tremor in your legs, cramps and general uneasiness which grows into anxiety usually comes from having an unsuitable chair. Therefore, replace it. To stay on the budget, make sure you check second hand stores and local adds, very often you can find barely used, even new office chairs at a bargain price due to companies closing or relocating. When other furniture is concerned, clean it thoroughly and lacquer it. It will refresh the office immensely.

Office Lighting

Improve lighting

Use the makeover to improve your lighting. The better the lighting in your office, the more pleasant and productive your work will be. The best source would be natural light. So, make sure your windows are impeccably clean. Also, do not use thick curtains, even better, do not use any if possible, let as much light in as possible. If natural light is insufficient, make sure your light fixtures are well positioned to provide sufficient amount of light. Replace all old bulbs and reposition the fixtures if necessary. Portable lighting are an excellent additional light source and also a great atmosphere builder, especially dimmable ones.

Refresh the walls

Newly painted walls give additional impression of cleanliness and freshness to your home office and set a foundation to the atmosphere in general. Carefully chosen wall color makes all other steps in building a productive atmosphere easier. If you are not quite sure which colors to choose for a specific atmosphere you wish to create, do consult commercial builders on anything that puzzles you.

Home Office

Enrich the environment

A sterile home office is nothing better than those inhumane cubes in office buildings. Remember, this is a home office and it needs to feel as such. Therefore, hang your favorite works of arts on the walls, bring in plants and flowers, provide a stereo system that will play your favorite tunes during the breaks you take. Have a mini fridge and enjoy fruits and sandwiches between important decisions. Yes, the kitchen is a few steps away, but you do not wish to be distracted, having a fridge within a reach is a better option. Enjoy your working hours and they will fly, boosting your productivity along the way. Of course, do not forget that you are here to work, but do not forget to take breaks, you are not a machine after all.

To sum up, you do not need a large budget to do a complete makeover of your home office. Taking the right steps is what is what makes a difference and provides the best results. Enjoy your new office and productivity boost.

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