Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Dog

You’ve wanted a puppy for as long as you can remember. The thought of the adorable little fluff ball bouncing up the stairs to greet you after a long day of work, and a little snuggle buddy on cold nights seems like a dream. You would love that little puppy with all the love you have inside your body.

Pomeranian puppy

But are you truly ready for a dog? Not everything about being a dog owner is a walk in the park (pun intended). Puppies need a forever home, and if you might give them away after a few years, getting a dog is not the right choice for you. If you can handle the reasons why you shouldn’t get a dog stated below, then it is time to adopt a new family member! If not, please reconsider your decision. A stuffed animal may be a better idea.

Your Little Puppy Will Grow Up

Puppies are adorable. They are full of boundless energy and love, and are easy to train. However, puppies do grow up. After about a year, that energy is gone, and the cuteness fades. Your dog will be big, and it may be more difficult to control it. If you even think that you might give your dog away if it stops being “cute,” then a dog is not for you. Dogs are pack animals, meaning that they form very strong attachments with their litter, and then their adopted family. Getting a new family can be very stressful for a dog, traumatic even. If you don’t think dogs are just as cute as puppies, don’t get one.

You Have to Feed Them

Dogs need to eat just like you do. You need to be able to feed your dog twice a day, make sure that they get plenty of water, and never forget to feed them. They need to be fed healthy dog food, you can’t just buy the cheapest brand or feed them table scraps, and you can’t just put a ton of food in their bowl, or they might obese and unhealthy. Dog food also can cost a pretty penny, especially if your pooch has any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Dogs Like to Dig

Dogs digging holes in the backyard is not a new phenomenon. Dogs destroy yards, no matter their size (terriers dig just as much if not more than larger dogs). Dogs also like to run along the side of fences, dig under them, bite them scratch them, etc. Digging and destroying fences can be due to stress, boredom and anxiety, but it might just be a habit. Having designated bathroom areas will help with the problem, as will strategic landscaping, and keeping your dog well exercised.

Tear Up Your Home

Many dogs chew furniture, eat house plants, tear up blankets, bedding, couches, pee in the house (even if they are trained not to), etc. This can lead pet owners to chain up or cage their dogs when they are not home. Unfortunately, caging them sometimes makes the problem worse. Dogs tear up homes due to anxiety, stress, separation anxiety, not getting enough exercise, or because they are trying to get attention. As a doggie parent, you will need to diagnose why your dog is tearing up your home rather than just throwing them out. It may be necessary to take your dog for a run every day, get them the right chew toys, stay with them more often, or give them more attention when you are home.

Dogs Require Time

You can’t just leave your dog home alone all day when you go to work (especially when they’re a puppy), they need love and attention. While you can gradually teach some breeds that it is ok to be home alone for hours at a time, some breeds will lash out or become depressed if they are left alone too long. And once you have a dog, going on vacation becomes difficult, as you have to leave your dog in the care of someone you trust or pay for doggy daycare.

Wood Fencing

Your Kids Won’t Take Care of Them

If your kids beg and beg to get a dog, and you finally cave, you probably will make them promise that they will take care of the dog. They won’t. They may be vigilant the first few weeks or even months, but after a while, they will start forgetting. The responsibility will then fall on your shoulders to care for the pooch. You cannot punish the dog for your children’s mistakes.

You Have to Train Them

Puppies don’t come already house trained and ready to go. You have to teach them the rules of your house, where and when to use the bathroom, not to bark at the door (a habit that rarely is broken), and more. If you have never trained a dog before, it can be exhausting. It requires a ridiculous amount of patience, and willingness to get your house peed in a few times (it takes at least a month to properly potty train your puppy).

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