Recessed LED Lighting

More of us are looking to live a greener life; fast becoming a necessity, we all need to look at how we are consuming energy within the home (and business), where this energy is coming from and how much it is costing us, both financially as well as how much it is costing the earth.

Outdoor LED

LED bulbs and lighting have come to prominence as the favoured alternative to incandescent light bulbs and the older-fashioned fluorescent strip lighting. There are so many uses and applications of LED lighting that it is difficult to list them all but one main design advantage to LEDs is that they can be moulded to fit any interior design of any home or business.

Take the kitchen for example. Normally the domain of the strip bulb, with a fetching plastic shade, the kitchen can now benefit from recessed LED lighting, giving a streamlined, minimalist look.

But why have recessed LED lighting in your kitchen…?

1. Efficiency – as well as offering a minimalist approach to kitchen lighting, recessed LED lighting gives you an efficiency that you could only ever dream of before. Using far less energy than the strip light in your kitchen, your LED recessed lights will last between 50,000 and 60,000 hours (for most domestic settings, this equates to around a decade of use). When was the last time you struggled to take the plastic shade off and replace the strip bulb in your kitchen light? And what about the annoying habit of replacing the motor in the fitting (the alternative being to wait for a few minutes until it kicks in and the lights coming on…)

Who would have thought the LED bulb used in traffic lights, could work so well in your kitchen?

2. Saves you money – there must be parents up and down the country saying the same thing, over and over again; “switch the light off!” But with these LED beauties, you won’t need to worry as much. They use far less energy but give off a brilliant light in your kitchen.

Did you know that LED bulbs are being increasingly used in car lights? Their efficiency is such that scrabbling around in the small, poky engine spaces will soon be a thing of the past.

3. Unique and versatile – up to a few years ago, LED bulbs were only available in 4 colours and in the very early days of using it as the main lighting technology, the light given off had a blue tinge to the white light, something which put many people off. However, not ones to stand still, the industry has come on leaps and bounds and now the bulbs can be found in 13 different colours, including white, without the blue tinge and starkness from the early years.

LED lighting technology can also be found in mobile phones and TVs; in fact, Christmas lights were amongst the first applications of the technology.

The only thing that remains that needs to be fixed is the cost of the bulbs and accompanying fittings. Despite the technology being around for some time, it is only in recent years that this technology has been harnessed so that clear, crisp light can be produced, luminous enough to be used in the home and commercial settings.

And so, if you are redesigning or updating your decor, get rid of the fluorescent strip light and the plastic shade that seems to be a trap for flies and replace it with recessed LED lighting.

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