Refurbish and enhance your furniture with some simple augments

When you look around your home, do you find some pieces of your furniture to be inconvenient or awkward? This may be the case with some heavier, bulkier items, and in many cases, could prevent you from changing configurations or lay-outs in your home. There are ways to alter and augment these items to make them more convenient to move, as well as potentially increase their utility in your everyday life. The solution is simple: casters!

Access Casters Triple Swivel Dollies

Casters are those small wheels that secure to the legs or bottom of an item to make it mobile and easy to move. There are some specialty casters made that will fit any leg, base, or bottom of furnishings or items, and these bring a whole different element and feature to the object that you secure them to. Imagine how easy it would be to move a sofa from one spot in the home to another when it has smooth-sliding wheels on the legs. With the diverse range of casters found online, it is possible to find some to fit anything you have in the home and that might be made a bit more useful with these clever features.

If you are concerned that casters might make your item too mobile, don’t worry! Most of the casters found from retailers offer a locking mechanism so they can stay firmly in place when not in use, or when you want your item to be stationary. These could make it simple to move furniture, reconfigure a room, or clear the space for entertaining without breaking a sweat or straining your back!

These casters are found in variations that can be secured with a screw-plate or the stemmed variations will fit up and inside the legs of your item. Depending on the items and surfaces being augmented, you may want to invest in a selection of casters that includes a few of each. These are great go-to items to have on hand or in your tool box, and you will find so many clever ways to use them around the home. Add these to the legs of your favorite coffee table and suddenly you have a portable surface that will accommodate laptops, parties, or lounging on the couch! Try some of your own ideas and see how much easier casters can make these projects.

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