Removing the old and damaged asbestos roof tops have never been so easy before

Use of asbestos as a roofing material has been quite a common practice for the past two centuries. Asbestos has a number of physical attributes that has made it a first choice for preparing roofing sheets. Some of the characteristics that make it desirable are its sound absorbing power, its resistance to heat and electricity and chemical damage. But above all is the fact that it is highly available in its crude form and hence is quite light on your pocket.

Removal Asbestos Roof

Roofing your shelter with Asbestos

Due to its resistance to heat and electricity, asbestos has been benevolently used in construction works all over the world. Asbestos sheets became synonymous with the roofing materials. Due to the emergence of a large number of factories during the early nineteenth century, the asbestos sheets became all the more famous. These factories were all shaded with asbestos sheets. They have provided years of protection to all these highly productive factories. Rains and tremendous heat or any such harsh weather conditions were always kept at bay as the asbestos sheets proved strong to resist them.

Are the asbestos sheets securing our life completely?

Asbestos sheets both in our homes and are workplaces have saved us from the harsh weather conditions. When there is asbestos roofing it was always considered a much safer abode than the thatched roof or the tiled roof houses. But is it the reality or there is something else? The truth is actually something very different and it is quite dark indeed! Studies in the latter half of the nineteenth century revealed that the asbestos fibers that get exposed due to years of continuous exposure to sunlight and rain, pose great danger to human health. All types of fibers that get exposed from these sheets as a result of prolonged exposure to harsh weather, pose dangers to mankind. Of the various forms of asbestos, the Amosite and Crocidolite are the most harmful types of asbestos. They cause malignant tumors in animals and humans alike. Mesotheliomas, which is again a fatal disease, has been diagnosed in almost 70% of the workers who are exposed to Crocidolite. Even their extended families are often affected with the disease. Asbestosis is another similar kind of a disease that is very common among workers dealing with asbestos.

Present status of asbestos

All the above studies have made the use of asbestos almost negligible. There has been a rush to remove the old asbestos sheets and thus asbestos removal companies are doing great business. The Asbestos Removal West Sydney is one of the asbestos removal companies that have achieved quite a name in that region. The workers of Asbestos Removal West Sydney are very apt in dealing with the hazardous asbestos sheets. They take extra care not to inhale the toxic gases that may sometime evolve from the upper surface of the bare asbestos fibers.

Detection and elimination of Asbestos fibers

Asbestos are tricky. You cannot even decipher the asbestos fibers through microscopes, leave alone the naked eye. The polarized light microscopy (PLM) and the transmission electron microscopy (TEL) are the two main methods which help you detect these harmful asbestos fibers. PLM can be carried out at a much lesser cost than the TEL, but remember the latter is more precise in detecting the hazardous fibers. Once detected, the professionals become quite cautious. They take all the necessary preventions so that they are least contaminated by the fatal asbestos fibers. The removal of asbestos calls for proper disposal of the same. It they are not disposed of properly then the remains may cause havoc in the locality. They degrade the environment to a large extent and make your life a risky one. When it comes to disposing the harmful remains of the asbestos, landfills are the most obvious options. All the remains are dumped in these landfills before heaping them up with soil to prevent any kind of evolution in the environment. Thus the workers make the environment free from the harmful asbestos.

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