Rugs to Consider For Your Home

There are a variety of rug types to consider for use in your home. Some may be more appropriate for certain areas than others. For formal areas in your home, a hand-tufted rug from Colbourns is ideal. In a kitchen or bathroom, machine crafted rugs are often a better option. Knotted floor rugs are a good solution for doorways, and kitchens. It is important that you select a rug for each area of your home carefully to ensure that it will last as long as possible.

Rug floor

Knotted Floor Rugs

When considering placement for a knotted floor rug, the most appropriate placements are in the kitchen and near doorways. This is because the material used for these is often machine washable. The dyes used are often more permanent and withstand washing better than other types. Shaking these out instead of machine washing is also an option.

Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand tufted rugs are very high quality. These are handmade using a tufting gun. Rather than knotting or sewing, the strands of yarn are looped and pressed together to form a tighter weave. This makes the rugs more durable, softer in texture and able to contain a more ornate design. These are ideal for formal areas in the home as well as office areas, nurseries and bedrooms. Hand tufted rugs are capable of withstanding a lot of foot traffic and regular vacuuming.

Ornate Area Rugs

Ornate area rugs, such as Oriental rugs are often considered for formal sitting areas. These are rather expensive and require a long creation process. The large rugs are made for big spaces that are rarely used. Dry cleaning is often the preferred cleaning and maintenance option for this type of rug given the fragile nature of the material and design. In many, gold threading is used which makes the design more fragile. Thinner strands of yarn are also used for this process also adding to the delicacy of the final product.

Machine Made

Machine made rugs are an inexpensive option for bathrooms, doorways and bathrooms. Many contain a skid-proof material on the backing which prevents slipping. Some of these are machine washable but must be hung to dry. Yarns of lesser quality are often used for these types of rugs which reduces durability. Machine construction also impedes the texture of many fabrics. It is ruffled and beaten by machines. This often leads to snags and unraveling much sooner than other types of rugs.

As you select the right rug for an area of your home, take each type into consideration as far as quality and durability are concerned. Keep the construction and crafting method for each in mind as you shop for a rug for your home. The quality of rugs crafted by Colbourns is difficult to surpass. Multiple textures as well as customised designs and colours are an ideal solution. It is hard to find that elsewhere at an affordable price. Examine different types of rugs side-by-side when possible to distinguish quality and texture among several at a time.

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