Rustic Renovations: 4 Throwback Home Renovation Ideas

Changing the look of the home can have an impact on everyone in the family. You want to choose a design that is pleasing to the eye and that is functional. An idea is a rustic appearance, but you want to start with one room of the home instead of trying to change every room as it can tend to be a bit overwhelming. One of the easiest places to begin with a rustic renovation is in the kitchen or the living room.

Rustic Home Renovation - Rustic Renovations: 4 Throwback Home Renovation Ideas

Natural Colors 

When you decide on a rustic design, use natural colors as much as possible. Black appliances work well in the kitchen with natural wood cabinets and drawers and natural colors on the walls. The wooden color makes it easy to add splashes of other colors in the room for decorations and smaller appliances, such as a coffee maker or toaster. A tile backsplash behind the stove in earth-tone colors sets the stage for the other features in the room as this is often the focal point in the kitchen.  


A rustic design offers features relaxing features. You can use these ideas in the bathroom by creating stone columns along the sides of the shower or the tub. Place plants around the bathroom as well as candles that will give a delicate glow instead of using harsh lights that can sometimes make the bathroom too stimulating. A comfortable rug in a neutral color and large windows complete the design of the room.

A Beautiful Cottage

One option that you have with a rustic renovation project in the home is to create a cottage look. You’ll want to use lighter colors, such as pastels that include yellow, green and blue. This design typically features intricate wood carvings on the furniture and floral patterns on the walls and tablecloths. A shelf on one wall can hold dishes that are older or dishes that you might have hidden away in cabinets. A kitchen table painted so that it looks weathered is an idea to consider as well to complete this design.

The roof can be another way to help give your home a distinctively rustic look. Working with someone like Odyssey Contracting or a similar contractor is a great way to tweak your roof to give you just the right style.

Bright Impacts 

While a rustic look is one that uses a lot of natural components, it also includes brighter colors. Use shades that give a cheerful look and a cozy feeling to the room. Yellow and green work well together with a yellow wall and green accent pillows on the couch. Avoid using too many colors together as they can begin to be overwhelming.

Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable. Create a rustic design that is welcoming for the family and visitors. You can easily change the features in the home with a rustic renovation compared to ideas that are a bit more detailed.

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