Safety First with Flameless Battery Candles

Due to the fire hazards brought about by traditional candles at homes, modern technology has made it possible to have candle sticks from real wax or plastic wax-like material, but with battery-powered LEDs. They are also perfect for indoor and outdoor activities like wedding receptions without the concerns of fire or matches.

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Flameless candles are a joy to look at as they look realistic with their flicking flame, and exude the same warm atmosphere that real candles give. You can place them anywhere, even near curtains, flowers, or other flammable materials and have no fear that they will catch fire. They also produced no carcinogens and safer than products that contain DDT.

Also a renewable resource since you will only need to replace the battery instead of buying candles again and again; you can even find some solar-powered candles, which can be charged during the day and be ready for night use. Besides, flameless candles will not melt during the hot season, so you can keep them in multiple shapes, sizes and colors depending on what you want.

Battery candles offer unparalleled safety not only in preventing fires, but because they are hypoallergenic making them safe for all ages; make you done away with matches if you have arthritis, no smoke to exacerbate asthma, do not require clean up, feel real to the touch, and you can even blow them out with your breath.

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