Save Money On Your Energy Bills- Draught Proof Your Sash/Timber Windows

Sash and timber windows are elegant and can make a building stand out from the modern works of today. It does have its disadvantages, though. The biggest problem is a loss of heat. These windows are amongst the worst offenders for a lack of energy efficiency. You don’t have to replace these windows to cut your energy bills, though.

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Call in a timber or sash window specialist to draught proof your windows and you’ll take care of most of that lost energy.

Energy Bills

It’s vital to pay attention to your energy efficiency in the UK. There’s very little difference between the value individual energy suppliers offer. Due to global events and prices, the cost of heating our homes keeps going up. And prices are expected to continue to rise.

For people with windows like this, it’s common practice to have to leave the heating on permanently. By removing the draughts, you can turn the heating off periodically and save a tonne on your monthly bills.

Window Size

Few people understand the size of the gaps in an average sash window. If we look at it in terms of the aperture, it can leave a gap of up to ten square inches. This is a massive amount of space heat can escape through.

There are two problems caused by such a large amount of space. Any heat generated by central heating or a fire will disappear through the gap. And any cold air will come back in. It’s why if you leave the heater off after having it on you’ll have a cold room again in just a few minutes.

Your heater is constantly replacing the heat lost, rather than adding to it and increasing the temperature.

Why Draught Proofing Works Best

Double glazing was once the conventional response to a gap in the windows. The cost of double glazing makes this an inefficient option. Plastic windows with double glazing will take at least 60 years for you to recoup those costs. Unless you plan on dying in the property you are in now, this isn’t a good investment and you might as well continue as you are now.

Draught proofing is far more economic as it recoups the cost of the initial installation within 25 years. Most houses will make far greater savings and have their investment back within 5 years. This is closer to the average amount of time we spend in a house before moving on.

Double glazing doesn’t actually stop the draughts. It merely strengthens something which is already there (the glass). Draught proofing targets the problem.

Quality of Life

Any sash window specialist will tell you about the problems of rattling. These rattles make living with these windows during bad weather almost unbearable. This is because of those gaps. Draught proofing removes these gaps and prevents the rattling. It’s an additional benefit of deciding to cut your energy bills.

Over time, these savings will become greater due to rising prices. Now is the time to deal with the problem.

This article comes from Tim Miller a sash window specialist.

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