Settle Down For a Cosy, Comfy Autumn

We are well and truly in autumn now so it seems as good a time as any to take stock of your home and see if there are any improvements that you need to make before the harsher winter weather returns. In short, put in a little work now and you’ll be set for a cosy, comfy autumn in the coming months.

House Autumn

Heat your home and not your garden

With gas and electric prices still on the rise, autumn is an essential time to make sure that once your heating is switched on you are getting the most of out of it. Doors and windows are the biggest culprits when it comes to leaking heat, so consider draught proofing any external doors, and shave down any doors that need it – the last thing you want is a sticky door when you’re trying to escape the wind and the rain. 

If paying for double glazing is not an option, explore wallet friendly options that will help keep the heating in, such as installing good quality lined curtains. There are multiple cavity wall and loft insulation options available too nowadays with proven results in cutting heat loss.

Be prepared for the elements

Wind, rain, frost and snow are all weather conditions you should be prepared for as we head into autumn and winter. Check your home inside and out for any tell-tale signs of damage to your roof or lead flashing in disrepair at key points.

Also, be sure to check your guttering  for any damage or wear which could lead to issues as the weather gets worse. You should also make sure that your guttering is clear of any debris or leaves, as if it isn’t, you could again be in for trouble by the time winter comes around.

Use rain to your advantage

When preparing for autumn, why not consider taking advantage of all that rain by catching it in a rain saver kit? For a modest outlay, you can collect all of that rain water and put it to good use in your garden once spring rolls around. You could also give yourself a pat on the back too as you’re doing your bit and recycling natural resources.

Make the most of those dark evenings

It’s true that most of us will end up spending a lot more time indoors. So why not take advantage of this time and sort out any outstanding odd jobs that you might have around the house. As the lights will inevitably be on when you’re home, consider replacing your household light bulbs with energy efficient ones to help out with the cost of your electric bills.

Also, take advantage of pre Christmas sales online and in. Even something as simple as a new fleecy / knitted blanket will allow you to relax comfortably in front of the TV and you may well find yourself reaching for the thermostat less often!

If DIY isn’t an option…

Of course, not everyone has the time or the necessary skills or patience to carry out these tasks. If you are the type of person who is simply too busy, or easily frustrated by DIY, then think about employing a tradesman or reputable company to do the work for you. This way you can relax and leave the hard work to someone professional and experienced, giving you peace of mind for the autumnal months ahead.

Ashley writes for >VHL Heating who operate throughout London and the Home Counties.

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