Simple Ways to Add Value to your Property

If you’re thinking about putting your property on the market, it’s worth taking the time to first give it a thorough examination and assess its strengths and weaknesses. It’s not necessary to add on new bedrooms or construct a swimming pool to add value to your home. There are simple ways to freshen up a property’s image, which will increase its value at the same time. Before undertaking any home improvement projects, be sure to weigh the investment costs for repairs with a contractor, and make sure that the added value will be worth the cost and effort.

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Update your Bathroom

You can shave years off of your property’s perceived age by installing new fixtures in the bathrooms. Adding in a new bathroom can also increase the value of your home by several thousand dollars. Viewers will be far more likely to buy a house that has clean, modern shower fittings, taps, and baths. Polished stone and light colours give a more contemporary look to an older home and can help add perceived and actual value.

Kitchen Remodelling

A way to add even more value to the home is to renovate the kitchen. Some simple remodelling can transform your kitchen from a purely functional room to a major showpiece of the property. If you need more room for your renovations, it’s possible to knock out a wall to link the dining room with the kitchen, or consider an extension if you have more time and money to maximize your kitchen’s potential. As with the bathroom, simply installing new appliances and fixtures will drastically increase the kitchen’s appeal with buyers.

Give the Exterior a Facelift

First impressions are everything for those looking to invest in real estate. Before a buyer even sets foot in your home, be sure that it is looking its best with maximum curb appeal. Taking care of small tasks like repairing window frames, giving the home a fresh coat of paint, and repairing leaking gutters can all add instant value to your property without the need for extensive interior renovations.

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Rejuvenate Flooring

Nothing shows a home’s age like an old carpet. A professional cleaning can refresh carpeting, as can a replacement carpet in cases where the carpet is very old. Those with wooden floors should showcase them with a sanding and new coast of varnish, which can instantly brighten the entire room and add perceived value. More homebuyers at the moment prefer hardwood floors to carpeting, so it’s worth thinking about tearing up old carpets in showcase rooms and restoring the wood underneath.

Repair the Roof

As part of any routine sales process, your home will be subject to a structural examination and report. Problems with the roof not only affect the home report, but can also be visible to buyers, who may make a far lower offer as a result. Be sure to repair any loose tiles, clean your gutters, and have a contractor inspect your roof before you even put your property on the market.

By taking the time to take care of small repairs and renovations, you can make your house look cleaner, more modern, and far more inviting to buyers.

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