Simple ways to make a small space seem larger

Decorating a small room is hard, and it is even more demanding than regular interior design, because you have to deal with and arrange décor in a way that will make small space seem a lot bigger, welcoming and more engaging. There are ways to create interesting and unique design to visually enlarge small spaces, but it will require some careful planning and very precise decorative skills; but the end result will be a truly magnificent and unique interior design that will surely spice up your room. However, in the end, you will be able to transform a small room to seem bigger.

Livingroom Space

Clear up space

It is important to thoroughly and frequently clean your room up, because if there is too much clutter around, it will only make the room appear even smaller. Properly de-cluttering your home is vital if you want to make a small space seem bigger. On the other hand, clearing out the clutter from your home is a good way to relive some stress, and to improve your overall organizing skills. But most importantly you will have a fantastically well taken care of home in the end.

Make your space work

There is a big difference between having a small space, and not being able to utilize the space you have. It is vital to make all of your space in a small room usable, otherwise you will be making it seem even smaller. Installing shelves on walls is a great way to gain more space, but it is also practical to be used in your overall interior design as well. But be careful not to overburden your walls, because if you clutter it your extra storage space with too much stuff, you will create a more visual chaos.

Small Bedroom

Proper lighting in the room

Playing around with light is important, because with the right brightness and angle of the light, you can really enlarge and elongate any room; and on the other side, you will be able to utilize better interior design to make your room, and home appear bigger than it really is. However, the best would be if you could let in as much as possible natural light, because it will better define your room, and visually enlarge it as well.

An optical illusion

The best used trick to visually enlarge a room, and to give the illusion of having a bigger room is to use mirrors in combination with your décor. If you find the perfect angle, and perfect position to place your reflective surfaces, you can really improve the overall visual scale of the smaller rooms, and make it appear quite bigger than it is. Be careful though, using too many mirrors in your home can only lead to creating a visual misbalance that can only lead to a more chaotic look; also having one too many mirror can mess up the interior design you were going for.

Large Room

Horizontal illusions

Utilizing rugs and carpets is important because they can add to the illusion of enlarging your small space, and it is also a good piece of décor to make your rooms more welcoming and to add a certain level of charm. You can get really great if you buy rugs online, as you can find cheaper ones, or even that one you were looking for to complete your whole interior design. Even if you use rugs to separate spaces within a room, you are giving off an illusion that will make any smaller space seem bigger in the end.

Making a small space seem larger

When all things considered, it all comes down to making your small space utilized as much as possible. After all, it is all about making the most you can and with what you have at hand. However, to create unique interior designs that will make a small space seem bigger, you have to be open to new and bolder ideas; but you need to be able to make it work with your home. The most important part of giving the illusion of a bigger room is to keep everything de-cluttered and cleaned, because that way you will have more space to use.

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