Small Home Tips You Should Not Miss

There are million ways to make the smallest apartments or houses seem a bit bigger or feel more spacious, airier and fresher. Many home designer think that the best way to open up a room is to push the sofa to the wall, but this is not always the right way to go. Here are some smart, yet simple tips you can use to make your space you have dreamed of having.

Small Home - Small Home Tips You Should Not Miss

From space-saving and very smart storage ideas to stupendous divider ideas, learn how to make the most of your tiny space with these amazing ideas.

Arrange Furniture

Avoid decorating and arranging everything to the edges to the room and try something different. Create a zone for you and your friends, by arranging your sofa and chairs to from a comfortable tiangle. By doing this, you will open up your space and make it more functional. Use colorful rugs, pillows and blankets, your guests and your kids will love the space. Get rid of what you don’t need to make space for something useful and charming.

Keep Your Space Light

To make your space look bigger, avoid using dark colors. You can use a gray wall in your living room, but keep the rest of your space light and open with white built-in units and furniture pieces.


One of the easiest ways in decorating a tiny space is adding a large mirror to visually expand your room. Surround the mirror with neutral draperies for more chic and modern look.

Let Light In

Natural light can open up a small room and make it airier and much more comfy and beautiful. By adding a floor-to-ceiling draper in your bedroom or living room, it will give the appearance of a spacious and more inviting room. You can also think about using reflective light to make your small room appear larger. By creating reflections with a mirror, light will reflect from the window and make a room light up.

Use Color

Lighter colors will keep your living room, bedroom or kitchen spacious and open, while darker colors will absorb light and make your room seem tiny and cramped. Accent colors will help you add burst of color, while still keeping the space open. Furniture is harder to replace, so I advise you to choose pieces in neutral colors. Add some colorful throw pillow for more interesting look.

Multipurpose Space

Sometimes you have no choice, but turn your bedroom into a comfy office. To make the best of this situation, add desk and shelves where you can organize everything well and do your job the best you can.

Get Creative

To make your space useful and functional, don’t let any bit of room go to waste. You can think about moving your sofa, shelves or desk under your stairs to make the empty space useful. Pictures, paintings and artworks can be hang high up on the walls so that the eye is drawn upward. This will make your space feel bigger and comfy, as the ceiling will appear higher. Multifunctional furniture is always a great choice. You can choose an ottoman or trunk that can be used as a coffee table, or sofa with extra storage.There are many ways to create more space from just a little bit of room!

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