Smart and Happy Babies: Five Tips for Creating a Safe Play Area

You probably feel that your home is the safest place for your child, but every year, more than 2 million children go to the emergency room after getting hurt at home. Injuries can happen because of improper safeguards, dangerous toys, and lack of supervision. When setting up a play area for your baby, it’s important to protect against all 3 of these issues and create a space that will spark your child’s imagination.

Smart and Happy Babies

1. Pick the Perfect Location
There are many great locations for a play area, and the one that you choose should be conducive to your way of life. If you work from home, consider setting up a small play area in the corner of your office. If you spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, a play area in the neighboring living room might be a good idea. If you love to work in the garden, an outdoor play area will allow both you and your baby to enjoy some fresh air. All of these options will help you keep both an eye and an ear on your child.

2. Choose Only The Best Toys
Aside from their parents, childrens’ toys are the center of their world. Choosing the right toys is an important step if you want a safe and enjoyable play area. A trustworthy selection is available at Always remember to avoid toys with small parts, and stick to toys that are recommended for your child’s age group. Activity centers, educational games, old-fashioned puzzles, and dolls are all great choices.

3. Use Light to Spark Imagination
Your use of light can go a long way to encourage healthy imagination and play. Utilize natural sunlight if you can, and also consider picking out a few brightly colored strings of Christmas lights, which will create an interesting ambiance in the area. If your play area is indoors near a window, consider hanging up a glass mobile. It will catch the light and delight your child as rainbows of color dance on the walls.

4. Consider Bright Colors
Depending on where you set up your play area, you may not want to paint the surrounding walls. However, if you do, you should choose your colors wisely. Bright colors like orange and yellow can stimulate creativity, but red, it is said, may induce aggression. Go for sunny, happy hues, and watch your child blossom.

5. Cushion The Floor
If your toddler is just learning to walk, she’ll need a soft landing strip when she misses a step. A roll-out activity mat, foam tiles, or rubber mulch are all great options to cushion your floor and protect your child from bruises.

The developing mind and eager hands of a busy child can be challenging to safeguard.  Creating a stable, safe environment in which they can explore and learn will benefit both of you. So it’s worth the time and effort to plan your child’s play area wisely.

LaGeris Underwood Bell offers these tips to busy parents who want to keep their children safe as they explore the world around them.

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