Some Important Facts About Fire-Extinguishers

Everyone of us may have to encounter an out-of-control fire at least once in our lifetime, and for some the situation can occur repeatedly due to various factors, such as false electrical wiring, gas leakage etc. Therefore. it is important to keep a few number of fire-extinguishers at different corners of the house such as kitchen, garage and basement for safety at all time. You must also learn how to use the fire extinguisher, so that you are able to bring the hazardous situation under control and prevent from over-spreading.

Fire Extinguisher

In this article, we’ll talk about all the important facts and procedures related to use, purchase and classification of fire-extinguishers. Let’s begin by understanding a basic fact about fire. A fire takes place when oxygen, heat and fuel comers in direct contact with each other. Thus, the basic function of an extinguisher is to eliminate any of these elements by applying an agent that either cools the burning fuel, or displaces the oxygen.

Classification of Extinguishers

Class A: This type of extinguisher is suitable for putting off  cloth, wood, rubber, paper, and regular combustible fires. It is filled with 2 1/2 gallons (9.46 litres) of pressurized water.

Class B: This is suitable to put out fires caused by grease, gases or oil. It is usually filled with a dry chemical.

Class C: This is suitable for fires fuelled by electrical appliances, tools, and other plugged in gears. It is filled with either halogen or CO2.

Class D: This is suitable for fire caused by water-reactive metals such as burning magnesium . Such kind of extinguishers are  located in factories that use such metals in daily productions. It is a powdered form extinguisher that covers the material to extinguish it.

Class K: This type of extinguisher contains a wet chemical agent that is generally used in kitchen fires and deep fryers to stop fires caused by vegetable oils, animal fats, or other fats in cooking appliances.

How it Works

Fire -extinguishers are basically filled with water or Carbon dioxide. Both these agents are used to put off fire and eliminate any one of the fire causing agents.

You will find a small cylinder located at the top of the cylinder. This cylinder is filled with compressed gases and release valve on it t acts as a locking mechanism that prevents gas from escaping. By pulling out the safety pin and squeezing the lever at the top of the cylinder, the lever pushes on an actuating rod which presses the valve down to open a passage to the nozzle. The compressed gas is released by high amounts of pressure after applying a downward pressure on the fire-extinguishing material.

How to buy Fire Extinguisher

Now that you are aware of the considerable facts about fire-extinguishers, you must be wondering from where to get an extinguisher for your home. Right? Well, the answer to your query is that you can easily buy an extinguisher through various online portals. This is one of the most easy and an affordable way to buy a safety-equipment that will be delivered very carefully at your doorstep.

Nowadays, most of the online retailers offer a variety of brands, sizes and ratings with a good range of manufacturers. You will be able to find equipment of various sizes,suitable for every room and vehicle you wish to keep an extinguisher. With such varied options you now know where to get an extinguisher that suits your needs.

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