Some Remarkable Techniques on How to Soundproof Windows

Is the street traffic disturbing you or do you have noisy neighbors disrupting your peaceful night sleep? How about soundproofing your windows? Here are some DIY noise reduction methods from temporary installations to more complex projects. You can choose what suits your home and can fit within your budget. Before you pick any of these techniques, make sure you have understood your acoustic goals and your noise pollution challenges.

Soundproof Windows - Some Remarkable Techniques on How to Soundproof Windows

If your noise problems are minor or if you are willing to compromise on beauty and elegance, then a low-cost option is just what you need. On the other hand, if you are suffering from too much noise and also want elegant natural soundproof window systems, you will probably have to ‘dig’ deeper into your pocket. That being said, here is some of the best window soundproofing techniques.

1. Windfoam
Here’s one of the cheapest ways of creating near-perfect soundproof windows. Wind foam or wind plug, as it’s also known, is amazing acoustic foam that you can attach to your home windows to control sound. They dampen sound waves and block light but what’s so impressive about them is that they’re quite easy to remove and replace.

2. External Storm Windows
Another excellent option is installing storm windows outside. This additional layer of glass helps in reducing the sound while improving the insulation properties in your windows. Now, the effectiveness of your storm window depends on the glasses’ thickness, the amount of trapped air and the sealed frame. This DIY job should be done professionally, with high-quality materials for better results. When done by an expert, it not only quietens your home but enhances its look.

3. Soundproof Window Curtains
This is maybe the simplest way to soundproof windows. They’re known by many as ‘thermal curtains’ and help in insulation as well as in creating the best home acoustics. Sadly, these curtains tend to block cold air between the back of your curtain and the window.

Soundproof Window Details - Some Remarkable Techniques on How to Soundproof Windows

This increases condensation, leading to the growth of mold and increasing the risk of future damage like rotting of window frames. In any case, you’ll end up paying for expensive repairs.

4. How About Some Soundproofing Furniture?
Adding the right type of furniture near your window is an intelligent method of soundproofing windows. You can place a large and heavy couch near your window to absorb some of the annoying sound waves. Although this DIY technique doesn’t make such a significant difference on its own, it still helps in creating a serene living space.

There’s a lot you can do to make perfectly soundproof windows. For instance, you could add some shutters or blinds, or an interior glass sheet. Noise is a by-product of people’s busy live, but can affect the quality of your sleep, increase stress and infringe your privacy. You employ different noise reducing methods to alleviate the problem and gain quality silence naturally.

However, you will notice that the above methods are the most efficient and elegant natural options. By choosing either of them, you will eliminate most of your problems.

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