Spare Parts For Your Hotpoint Appliances

Hotpoint offer a comprehensive range of spares for their household appliances. When an appliance doesn’t work as well as it should, we should think of buying replacement spare parts, not buying a new appliance.

Kitchen Appliances

It used to be that we would repair electrical appliances for year on year, replacing parts to keep it working. The option of buying a new washing machine or cooker would not be considered until the item was well and truly finished. Then times changed and we started to see these kitchen items almost as disposable and wanted to have the newest model. Now most household budgets are stretched and there isn’t money to spare on new items when something goes wrong. Buying hotpoint parts and making the appliance function again is a much cheaper option. We are also more aware of the environmental issues of living in a throw away society and recognise the benefits of living more sustainably and making things last longer. For some just setting up home, the budget may not stretch to new items. However, it is possible to find second hand goods which have been serviced and had worn parts replaced. These appliances may even come with a warranty.
There are many hotpoint parts available for electrical goods which can be bought from a range of specialist companies. The spares are not just to repair appliances; they are also to keep something working smoothly.

  • It’s not just large items such as washing machines, fridges, freezers and cookers that have spares available; it is also smaller items such as coffee makers and microwaves.
  • Spare parts available include thermostats, screws, nuts, door trim, hinges, handles and interlocks.
  • A good supplier should be able to offer from a comprehensive range of hotpoint spares with next day delivery available for many items.
  • It should be possible to discuss specific requirements over the phone to ensure that the correct spares are being ordered.
  • The householder should be able to replace some parts themselves whilst they may need the services of an engineer to make more complicated repairs.
  • Items such as shelving in fridges may become broken through wear and tear. The fridge will still operate but the usable space may be reduced. It is possible to buy replacements, including storage space within the fridge door and the fridge will be as good as new.
  • A leaking washing machine may need nothing more complicated than a new seal to the door.
  • Some suppliers will also be able to provide cleaning materials suitable for specific appliances and materials.

If a hotpoint appliance isn’t working as well as it has in the past, or has even stopped working altogether, before considering purchasing a replacement, take a look at what hotpoint parts are available. This could be a good decision for the planet and your wallet. Repairing a household item and giving it a longer lease of life is a satisfying achievement made possible by the wide supply of spares for most appliances.

Jamie Sewell writes for a range of websites and blogs on maintaining household items. Over many years he has repaired appliances and kept them running smoothly. He has used many hotpoint parts during the course of his repair work.

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