Spray Finishing Tips

If you are finishing a single item then it is possible to buy and benefit from using an aerosol spray to apply a finish. For example, if you have crafted a stunning wooden table and you want to add a lacquer finish to seal the table but to retain the natural look, then spray finishing means that there is less chance of brush strokes, dripping, and lacquer build-up. You will need a number of items and pieces of equipment, including safety equipment, and using aerosols can prove pricey for large items or if you have a regular need for this kind of finish, but it could be practical for a single, small, and relatively simple project finish.

Spray Finishing

In terms of equipment, you can buy aerosol spray cans for a single project, although unless it is a really small item you will also want to consider buying a trigger. Pressing down an aerosol trigger for any length of time can become painful and uncomfortable, and there is the risk of the push top becoming damaged or broken if you continue to press and depress it. A trigger is more comfortable, allows for uniform pressure, and is generally considered the better option.

You will need other equipment too. You will need overalls or coveralls for yourself, gloves to protect your hands, goggles for your eyes, and a mask to cover your mouth and nose. You will also need sheets and other protective covers for items around the area where you will be spraying. Spray finishing gives off a fine mist of paint or lacquer, and this can be dangerous if inhaled or if it gets in your eyes, and it can cover everything including the floor in the area that you work.

A table or somewhere to rest the item while you spray it is also a good idea, and you will need room to rest the item once you have applied each coat of the finish. You should build up a number of coats, bearing in mind that this will mean that you need to buy a number of aerosols, and you should consider priming and preparing any areas that are likely to prove difficult to cover in your chosen colour.

You might want to consider building a turntable if the project you are working on is small enough. This will enable you to turn the item so that you don’t have to walk around in circles and so that you have a better chance of applying a uniform coat of the finish to the object. For larger and heavier objects, this may not be viable, but you should concentrate on completing a single coat all over, or at least finishing a whole leg, for example, before allowing it to dry.

Spray finishing does offer a number of advantages over brush painting, but if you have a large number of objects, a particularly fine piece, or you have a regular need for this type of finishing then it is worth considering using a professional spray finishing service to complete these task for you.

Atlas Spray Finishes provides professional spray finishing that can be used on furniture, cabinetry, and any other wooden items. There’s no need to buy the equipment, build a turntable, or prepare the area that you would have used for the process.

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