Spring Cleaning: The Right Time to Clean Your Carpet

Spring cleaning is as important as the rest season of the year. You should keep the carpet clean especially during spring time, where more dust can be collected.

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Vacuuming alone does not suffice it all for your carpet. As known, underneath the carpet rests infesting bacteria that keep on multiplying.  Rugs and carpets are tranquil and warm places for microorganisms to thrive.  These bacteria contain harmful germs in every corner of the house. And during winter time, carpets normally become humid and damp from which it becomes the source of many health issues.  The problem doesn’t stop but goes on with the arrival of spring time.

Invading germs and bacteria start to draw dust mites.  Unconsciously, many people are allergic to insects which are known to be the causes of allergy, skin rashes, and respiratory problems.  Dust mites can spread out towards mattresses and furniture, making germs far more difficult to be removed. An in-depth spring cleaning around the house plus washing the linen, fabrics, carpets and beddings on high temperature will get rid of annoying dust mites.

Soiled carpets also cause indoor air contamination.  This is done by soiled floor coverings, mould and bacteria. Circulating indoor pollution is known to create sicknesses such as recurring colds, coughs and different allergic reactions.  Long exposures to unclean air result to sinusitis, asthma, and several sicknesses of the respiratory system.

For the sake of family members and their wellness, maintaining the carpet clean is important.  More so if you have infants and small kids living inside the house.

In between times, you can employ simple tactics to regularly follow.  It reduces the possibilities of microbes that get in contact with the carpet. You can ask your guests to wipe their shoes or take them off when they enter the house.  If there are spills, blot them out immediately with damp cloth.

Use of Carpet Cleaners

There are plenty of carpet cleaners in the market. They can feature some products in manual cleaning like foams, sprays and automated devices.  Many devices are available for rent or they can be purchased in the market.  A lot of traditional carpet cleaners may be difficult to use.  They are heavy and can also draw dust back to areas already cleaned.

Today’s carpet cleaning machines are more comfortable to use.  They are light in weight with easy-to-use buttons.  These machines are perfect not only during spring time but throughout the year.  Cleansing solutions used for these machines are designed to shield the carpet against possible stains in the future.

Spring cleaning basically includes not just cleaning but also organizing all things in your house—from your ceiling roof down to the floor. Whether you have wood, vinyl, tiles, or floor carpet, there are treatments that professionals can offer.  After your floors get cleaned, it’s best to remove carpet to thoroughly clean and give it the best treatment.

Many carpet cleaning chemicals can be hazardous substances; therefore, it’s crucial to make sure you have the right brand that doesn’t cause problems. Using a professional carpet machine (at least once a month) results to deep clean the floor covering.

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