Stay on the budget: Decorating a bathroom on a budget has never been easier

Changing the current style of your bathroom may do wonders! You need just a few tricks and your bathroom will look brand new. Well, not brand new but definitely better than it did.

New bathroom

Given you are on this blog, I’ll assume you have a certain budget at your disposal and that money is a bit of an issue. No worries! Here are some amazing ideas you can follow and turn your bathroom around.

The walls

Well, you could’ve assumed this was going to be the first tip. And, in all fairness it definitely is the best tip you’ll ever get on decorating, especially when your budget is tight.

With a fresh coat of paint on your walls, the room will brighten up and completely change its initial feel. You can either go with the same color or some other, you know – to mix things up a bit.

You can also experiment with wallpapers and tiles, just make sure they are waterproof. Also, keep busy patterns to a single panel or wall unless you have a huge amount of space.

Bathroom  Decorations


Despite the fact we’re talking about a bathroom, decorations aren’t a no-no. In fact, the warmer you make the bathroom look, the better it’ll feel. Hang photos/pictures of sea elements, decorate shelves with seashells and candles, opt for warm tones when choosing accents.

Be free to put a plant there, too, just make sure it’s close to the window so it can get a lot of sunlight.

Interesting lights for the bathroom are yet another decorative item you should be thinking about – lights with dimmers will definitely make a difference.

If your budget allows it, a mini waterfall may also turn your bathroom around!

If you’ve got enough space, make a certain part of your bathroom a makeup section. Put up bright and shiny lights and make makeup departments visible to add to the luxury of the space. It’s all so simple!

Bathroom Cabinet

Update bathroom cabinets

Old, warn out cabinets can be such an ugly blemish on an otherwise sparkling bathroom. They tend to be an eye sore especially if they are wall-mounted at eye-level as they are the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom.

If they are beyond repair, invest in a new set. Yes, you are on a budget, but some things simply need to be dealt with. If, however, you feel like you can fix them, be creative and imaginative with your fixes.

First, take sandpaper to strip down coats of old paint. Then, paint it with glossy new paint that will make it look brand new. Consider adding new handles, or tiling or wallpapering the doors.

Old bathroom

Replace old bathroom taps

Your bathroom will look decidedly dilapidated if you don’t do something about those ugly, worn out taps. Even with your bathroom entirely remodeled, those taps will ruin the impression.

Installing new ones will instantly modernize the space, especially with a variety of styles and finishes available today – you shouldn’t have any problem finding taps to suit your tastes. New taps don’t really cost much.

Shower curtains

Invest in shower curtains to give your bathroom that oomph it needs. Buying a new shower curtain can hardly be called an investment given how cheap they are. There are some great shower curtain designs to consider – from playful and colorful, to see-through and one colored. If your bathroom is small, a see-through curtain will make the bathroom look bigger and more lux.


If your bathroom is big enough, a vanity is what will make your bathroom look stunning! It always adds to the luxurious feel, especially when it’s design is chosen in accordance with the rest of the bathroom.

Bathroom vanities are a good choice because they look good and are a wonderful storage space. Towels, medicine, makeup, cosmetics… it holds anything, you name it! Consider putting up one in your bathroom, you won’t regret it.

Style them up with some flowers, scented candles, sea rocks, seashells or any other decorative item you find appropriate.

Bathroom mat

Bathroom mat

Similar to curtains, a mat in a bathroom can play a big role. If you opt for one in a wrong color or design it may ruin your entire space… So, choose one that’s waterproof and of appropriate color and design and witness it giving character to your bathroom.

Good luck with your bathroom decorating and if you feel like there is something useful I forgot to mention, please share it – everyone will benefit from it!

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