Strange Home Noises and What They Indicate

During the night hours, you may notice one of more of a number of noises that disturb the quiet in the house or may even cause you some alarm. Houses are always settling, and the construction materials are always subject to expansion and contraction with fluctuations in temperature. However, some sounds can indicate a problem with one of your important home systems, and these signs should be looked into to prevent a breakdown or other inconvenience.

Home noise - Strange Home Noises and What They Indicate

Although many home noises are benign, some sounds can indicate a problem in one of your home systems. If you notice constant sounds or unusual noises, it may be time to do some investigating to determine if one of your systems is developing a problem or if the materials of the house itself need some repair. You can then take steps to make your home quieter and more restful.

Scratching Sounds

If you hear faint scratching sounds in the walls during the night, it is probably caused by mice or some other creature that has set up housekeeping inside your home. You can eliminate these pests by setting a trap or calling an exterminating company.


Banging sounds are usually the results of air in the plumbing system. Changes in air pressure in the plumbing system can cause it to bang noisily. Turning off the water at the main valve and emptying the system can resolve this problem. You may also need to have pipes affixed more firmly to the inside of the walls to eliminate the problem.

Whistling Sounds

Whistling sounds in the quiet of the night could indicate a problem with your HVAC filter. If you have not changed the filter in a while, check to see what size you need and pick one up at your local hardware or home improvement store.


Screeching often occurs when you’re running the dryer, and it begins making a high-pitched screeching noise. This sound usually means that the belt that turns the dryer is loose. If you are handy, you can tighten the belt, or call a repair person to do this task.


Clanging or buckling sounds may come from your HVAC system, when you first turn in on. This is caused by the temperature changes that cause the materials to expand or contact. Although this can be a disturbing sound, it is completely harmless. However, if these sounds continue to occur after the system has been running for a time, you should call an air conditioning repair company like Doctor Fix-it to inspect it to ensure proper operation.

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