SWAN LOVESEAT – The Designer of Swan Loveseat

The Swan Loveseat was first conceived by the famous Danish Architect called Arne Jacobsen. His major contributions to the world of architecture was in the aspect of architectural functionalism. He is well and better known for his slick furniture designs: a niche he gained a lot of attention in. A professor at Virginia Tech once cited that Arne Jacobsen detested the word ‘designer’ either used on him or using it himself.

Swan Loveseat - SWAN LOVESEAT - The Designer of Swan Loveseat


Sitting with a partner in a very comfortable chair in your beautiful home could be what you may seem to be lacking. Probably what you want is that feeling you get at the cinema. Or something even more comfortable and private.

A beautifully well-crafted Danish loveseat could be all you need to get going. The design looks to be inspired by the supple, pleasant and mild nature of love – intended to allow the flow of love from one side of the seat to the other and so on.

The design proves to be innovative and garnished with outstanding comfort, considering the choice of material and design methods.

With a moulded fibreglass shell coupled with a highly resilient urethane foam, a medium firm cushion seat feel, premium fabric, top grain/aniline leather upholstery, also with highly polished aluminium legs with brushed finish. All the materials mentioned above have been carefully chosen and crafted to resist fire. And not to forget, the dimensions of the Swan Loveseat has been intended to span across a variety of statures with the dimensions – a width of 57” x a depth of 26” x a height of 31” with a sitting height of 17” to be precise.

The Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen have decided to make the Swan Loveseat their basic furnishing as the hotel guests have found a seating favour in them.


Due to the elegant look and history behind the design of the product, the Swan Loveseat can generally fit into any architectural space: whether eclectic, modern or contemporary. And due to its soft-looking nature, the seat is best suited for bright coloured spaces considering the very common colours the product comes with.

  • For interests in entertainment with a partner using this product, you may place it at an angle that could favour the media shelf in that space.
  • Outdoor usage for this product could also be another hot cue for anyone interested in looking at the sunset with their lover. Considering also the fact that this chair can also do a lot to enhance the aesthetic finish of your home’s exterior.
  • Another subtle thing to do with the Swan Loveseat is to place it in the bedroom in the best available corner in the space – good thing the seat doesn’t occupy much space.
  • On your balcony with your lover, this furniture could make the moments feel more endearing. Especially when there are flowers complementing both the colour of the seat and the air of romance around there. Same could go for every outdoor usage as well.

Hotel or other public space designers or owners could find ways to implement similar things mentioned here as well.

Cleaning the chair is very cool as the design and choice of materials make it very easy to clean. The large space between the cushion base and the floor is big enough to accommodate good cleaning methods even without moving or turning the chair upside-down.

More like the verdict here, Swan Loveseat might be your best choice.

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