Sweet Smell of Success

If you are selling your house you will have heard the old wives tales of brewing fresh coffee and baking bread in the kitchen to create a perfect home-making smell to entice potential buyers. Urban myths these may be, but the chances are they are probably quite effective methods as well.

Handleless Pale Sky Gloss Kitchen

Smell has a very definite affect on us all. In our kitchens the familiar aroma of a favourite meal being cooked can remind us of a special family event, or evoke a much loved grand parent long since departed. The perfume a person wears over a period of time becomes synonymous with them and will recall them to us at the merest whiff. Smell is also one of the senses which we neglect to engage with in our homes.

There are many ways to fragrance our homes. Air fresheners and deodorisers have their place of course, but their scent can often be overpowering and very artificial. Room sprays and scented candles are more subtle and can be used to great effect with some care and thought. My favourite are the ones which arrive in the shops at Christmas – spiced apple, cinnamon and pine needles, yummy. I also like the more everyday scents around the house such as vanilla, rose or lavender – and there is no substitute for the real thing. Fresh flowers smell wonderful and look amazing as well, and I always incorporate somewhere for a large vase to be displayed when considering a kitchen design. Essential!

Sleek and Sophisticated

If you have never really thought about the smells in your home, other than that it smells clean and fresh of course, then maybe now is the time to apply some scent. Spring is a great inspiration for bringing flowers into the house so enjoy yourself experimenting and inhaling the sweet smell of success.

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