Ten Tips for Kitchen Tiling

If your next DIY project is to improve the tiling in your kitchen then read on for a few things to think about which may just help…

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  1. If you haven’t done much tiling then avoid tricky materials, difficult patterns and tiny tiles – particularly mosaics. Go for something simple and give yourself an easier task.
  2. Light coloured tiles work best in small rooms as an expanse of a dark or bold colour will make the space feel smaller. If you have a small kitchen but want some colour then think about a border or featured section.
  3. Think about budget. Always get the best quality you can afford as the result will be superior and the tiles will last longer too.
  4. Get the right equipment. Make sure you have the tools for the job and enough of the right tile adhesive and grout before you start.
  5. If you are tiling the floor of a new kitchen then level the floor and lay the tiles first, before the kitchen units are installed. It will make the job easier and the finish better.
  6. If you are tiling the walls of a kitchen then ideally tile behind the edges of where the cabinets will be too but if this is not possible then tile neatly up to the join and seal carefully.
  7. Think about the finish on the tile. High gloss tiles in a plain colour will show every finger mark so think carefully and perhaps go from something more forgiving.
  8. Match your tiles to your kitchen units. Take tile samples with you to the Wren Kitchens showroom when you choose your new design and start to bring together the whole look.
  9. Wall tiles and floor tiles don’t have to match. Complimentary colours, different sizes and even finishes will sit quite happily in the same room and will often look better than one uniform design.
  10. Don’t be scared! Experiment with bolder colours and patterns to offset plain units and make a real kitchen statement.

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