Termites And The Real-Estate Industry – What Owners Should Pay Attention To

Owning a house and a garden is quite difficult nowadays, given the present economy, but however, not impossible. For both the ones who want to sell or who want to buy, the market offers quite a large area of options, and this is not only about the marketed building per – se, but also insurance packages, mortgage contracts, bank rates to consider, long – term investments to think about and so on. Having a real – estate agent by your side, a building inspector, a lawyer and a good accountant may be of great help when deciding to invest in a house or when you want to make a good sale. But did you ever thought of having a pest control expert around when thinking about this type of transaction?

pest antecedents

What do have pests to do with real estate transactions?

Everything, specialists say. Selling and buying a house with pest antecedents or hidden pest present problems might turn into serious long – term problems. As a house owner, you probably didn’t let a rat infestation take over the compounds, but rats and mice are not the only pests you should be concerned about. Termites are known for annually producing damages worth billions of dollars and they can literally tear down a house in a few years if not exterminated in time. Both the house seller and the house buyer should know the early signs of a termite peril:

  • Detached wings and body parts visibly lying around the house or in the house
  • Tiny round dirt cylinders, meaning they are building their underground empire
  • Needle – large holes in walls, wallpaper or furniture
  • Empty-sounding pieces of wooden furniture
  • Damaged books or paper items
  • Termite activity on the ground or at the base of the house

Termites are a problem for real – estate transactions especially from an insurance point of view and damage repairs. Some insurance companies include some premiums for some types of pest damages, but you will have to real carefully their exclusion lists, as there are some tight clauses you should be careful about. On the other hand, a termite bond closed prior to the house sell or immediately after the buying transaction might spare you of future problems. The termite treatment cost is affordable and termite inspectors can assess if the house was subjected to previous infestation or a current one. Some pest control companies also offer damage repairs, so if you’re on a tight budget, this is an aspect to also consider. Unfortunately for both home sellers and buyers, even if there are some methods to get rid of termites on your own (by using liquid pesticides or installing termite traps), only a specialist can evaluate the level of damage that was done and implement a reliable treatment plan.

What else should you know?

If you had a termite problem sometime ago and now you’re preparing to put the house on the market, you should know that some states have disclosure policies that demand the seller to disclose any previous termite infestation treatment undergone or regarding the existence of a termite bond. Also, house buyers should have an agent working by their side who should warn them about the current legislation and the termite clearance regulations.

What happens if you buy a house already infested by termites?

The law cases on termite infestation matters have increased in the last years and buying a house without a pest clearance is an act of negligence from the buyer’s part. Also, if the previous owner didn’t disclose anything regarding termite problems, a law suit will hold its legit grounds in almost every state.

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