The Benefits of Choosing a Custom Log Home

Many of the people who prefer log homes and timber homes choose custom log homes. There are several benefits you will get from a custom log home compared to a normal cabin. This article looks at some advantages of going for custom log homes.


  • Aesthetic advantage – This is the first advantage of having a custom log home. Their rusty nature and stately looks appeals to many people. You have the advantage of getting modern furnishings in a timeless look and structure. Compared to your normal cabin, a custom log home offers limitless options in terms of style, design and materials. This allows you to achieve a great appearance and aesthetic value in your home.
  • Environmental conservation – In an age where everything is going green, custom log homes are the way to go. For a start, they are made primarily from sustainable resources i.e. trees with minimal pollution in the whole construction process. The construction process also uses up little energy compared to standard structures and you are sure to live little carbon footprints. The green process does not stop there; the houses conserve heat reducing the energy used to heat the house. The frames are tightly fitted preventing heat from escaping. Modern designs allow a lot of energy efficiency and you can use the designs in your custom log home.
  • Sturdy and durable – Custom log homes offer you durability over years and can withstand even harsh weather. There are log homes that date back 800 years that are still in use in Europe. Along with durability these homes allow for easy maintenance and you can easily spot mildew and moulds. With low humidity levels you are assured of little mold problems.
  • Comfort – Custom log homes allow for comfort in all seasons whether in winter or summer. They also allow you tranquility. The wood is naturally sound proof and allows for quiet cool environment. It is also a good option for people affected by health conditions such as allergies. The danger of toxic material and poisoning is eliminated both during construction and while dwelling in the house.
  • Building standards – The design and construction of custom log home requires meticulous detail and expertise. This leads to custom log homes being appraised higher than traditional homes and cabins of the same size. The standards add value to your home resulting to more equity on your investment.  The construction process is also fast allowing for quick settling in as well as preventing potential damage from environmental factors.
  • Freedom of choice – The major benefit a custom log home offers is choice. You can pick from a wide range of available options and types to get your dream home. The number of features you can integrate in your custom log home is unlimited making them more functional than your average cabin. They are no longer a getaway option but the main house for many people.  The rise in demand for custom log homes is a testament to their popularity and benefits. You too can take advantage of these benefits and acquire a custom log home. To learn more, click here to see if a log home is right for you.

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