The Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Neighborhood

As we our population density continues to increase over the years, it is worth looking at the things that we sacrifice when we all live closer together. In terms of people moving to cities and the space-efficient city planning, one thing that should always remain important to communities is trees. Every year, between an estimated 4 and 7 billion trees are cut down to to clear land and for their resources, according to the Rainforest Action Network.

Benefits of Trees - The Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Neighborhood

As such, every little tree in every little neighborhood helps to do at least something to offset these costs and keep forestation here on our planet. Aside from the important environmental reasons, here are several key benefits to planting more trees in your neighborhood…

Raises the value of everyone’s property

Off the bat, trees provide a valuable economic benefit to neighborhoods. People like to live around trees (for the reasons you’ll see in this article), and this creates a higher demand for homes in neighborhoods that are full of trees, rather than those that are not. For this reason, a neighborhood that is rich in forestation enjoys higher property values. When you plant a tree, it benefits the entire neighborhood, economically, because you and all of your neighbors get a boost to the value of your home. Indeed, trees in a neighborhood can increase home values by more than 10%!

Improves mental health

Various studies have shown that being in nature helps reduce the amount of stress. For this reason, cities have been shown to cause distinctively higher amounts of stress for the people who live in them, per capita. Trees can help combat this, as they obviously help provide a more natural feeling and aesthetic. Indeed, the mental health benefits of trees were even examined in one study that showed that hospitals with views of trees had around an 8% faster recovery time for patients than hospitals without views of trees.

Little Trees - The Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Neighborhood

Saves energy

Trees help reduce the energy costs for air conditioning in two big ways. First, any sort of vegetation is able to reduce temperatures. Try standing on hot asphalt and then moving onto a grass lawn, and you’ll notice an immediate drop of several degrees. The reason for this is that vegetation absorbs the energy from the sun and disperses oxygen. Both of these traits cause the air to be cooler. The other way it helps reduce energy costs is because of the shade that is provided on home. When trees are strategically planted in ways that block direct sunlight on large surfaces of walls and the roof of a home, then air conditioning costs can sometimes be cut in half!

Reduces wasteful water

Runoff water can be incredibly dangerous for waterways from which we get our drinking water. The reason for this is that water runoff causes pollution in these waterways, and also increases the chances of flooding. On top of this, runoff rain water is essentially wasted water, which is a major opportunity cost for neighborhoods in drier climates. Trees help reduce this waste, and can be part of a broader strategy of landscaping that is sustainable and environmental.

Makes cleaner air

One of the primary functions of trees that benefits all life on this planet is how they generate oxygen. Trees help produce cleaner air and reduce the effects of air pollution in the communities where they are located. According to a study that was in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, trees actually save lives in cities, as researchers found that areas with less trees had a strong correlation to increases in heart and respiratory diseases, and fatalities from those diseases.

Nice Home Trees - The Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Neighborhood

The reason for this is that trees are able to reduce particulate matter in the air. Those particulates aggravate people with diseases that affect their lungs and heart, which heightens the effects of those diseases. Trees provide healthier air for everyone in a neighborhood to breathe.

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