The Best Brands of Fertilizer

Having a thriving garden is really depends on how much care you give it, and aside from making sure that it is properly cleaned up and weeded you will also need to pay attention to what kind of fertilizer you are using. There are several brands out there that you can choose from, and some of them have special features that others don’t. Here is a list of a few different kinds of fertilizer on the market to look for.



The most popular and frequently bought brand of fertilizer is Scotts, which offers a wide range fertilizer under their name. In addition to their popular commercials and iconic Scottish actor presenting the fertilizer to the viewers, they also provide refunds if the customer is unsatisfied with the results of their products. The types of lawn care items that they offer include Turf Builder Lawn Food, Weed Control Lawn Food, Florida Lawn Feed, Southern Weed & Feed and WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed, just to name a few.

Nature’s Touch & Dr. Earth

For the people out there who like to go with the organic theme of things, Nature’s Touch & Dr. Earth may be the product for you to use on your lawn at home. The company makes organic-based fertilizer, which means that the material used in each product is created with half organic components and half chemical components as opposed to other brands out there that strictly use all chemical components. While their selection isn’t quite a varied as some of the entirely chemical-based companies, they are still able to draw in a good customer base due to their green intentions with their products.

Green Guardian & Neptune’s Harvest

Speaking of organic fertilizers, Green Guardian & Neptune’s Harvest is another company that uses organic-based components. The biggest difference between them and the aforementioned Nature’s Touch & Dr. Earth is that fact that they are 100% organic as opposed to a blended material mixed with both organic and chemical formulas. This fertilizer is a favorite of gardeners who have a lot of animals or worry about making their wildlife visitors sick because this brand advertises that their organic mixture is safe and edible and does not have any toxins.


Andersons fertilizer products are especially appealing to residents of regions of the United States that have a lot of phosphorus in their soil, as their products are completely phosphorus-free. So, in order to avoid over saturating your plant life and produce with too much of that element, this company is a great option to use for your garden if this is something that you worry about. If you live in an area that is near a lot of bodies of water or streams this could be a very good option to consider in order to help your garden thrive.


LESCO is another brand of fertilizer that is very popular in the United States, as it is linked to the big farm equipment company, John Deere. While it may be harder to find in your average store, it can definitely be found at venues on the Internet. This is often the chosen brand of fertilizer for big commercial locations such as golf courses or professional sports fields because it has been proven to provide a great and sustainable turf. For those who have an interest in finding out more information about the LESCO brand of fertilizer, it can be found on the Home Depot website and many of the local retail stores. However, keep in mind it is designed to cover large areas, so it is typically sold in about a 50-pound bag.

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