The best plants for outdoor parties

Some people are party animals for their entire life, and that’s usually reflected by how they decorate their home. However, the garden can be a weak point in their partygoing lifestyle – apart from the warm summer heat, there’s not really much reason to go host the whole thing outside. If you feel like your boring plants are holding you back, the professionals at Olive Grove have helped make this list of the best plants for outdoor parties.

Garden Party - The best plants for outdoor parties

Fragrant plants

Nice-smelling plants can be a great addition to any garden, but they’re especially useful for parties. Formal get-togethers always benefit from something like lavender or mint and having enough plants in one place can mask the smell of cigarettes or cooked food if people aren’t comfortable with it.

Many of these plants only really release a smell if something touches them, which means that roaming pets and children will probably make the scents even more noticeable. Make sure you don’t overload your garden with too many plants, though, in case they irritate somebody’s throat or make the air feel stuffy.

Tall divider plants

Hedges and other tall plants are great for keeping your guests contained, as well as giving them some privacy. This is especially important in suburban neighbourhoods where your garden might have a gate onto an area of shared land since they could end up intruding on your neighbours’ property or blocking the way for other residents.

If you’ve already got a mesh or lattice fence in part of your garden, growing climbing or hanging plants on them can be a cheap way of turning it into a private space without getting in the way of any banners or decorations you want to hang up there.

Centrepiece plants

An exotic or unusual plant can be a great conversation-starter for new guests and can act as a central spot that all your partygoers gather around. Types that aren’t very common in a garden setting, like palm trees, can completely shift the focal point of your party layout and might help draw attention away from places where you think there are issues with your garden.

Fruit-bearing plants

Plants and small trees that produce fruit might seem like a niche idea, but they can be excellent for more casual parties where snack food is readily available. As long as you aren’t exposing your guests to anything toxic that they could pick by accident, having fresh berries and olives can add an appealing gimmick to your party meals, regardless of the occasion.

Seasonal plants

Some plants only sprout and grow in a specific season, but wilt or retreat underground for the rest of the year. With some foresight, you could create a garden that looks different with each passing season by hiding out-of-season plants in with your normal ones – you could go for a themed style, like using only red and white plants during winter, or just create a garden that’s continuously changing colour and shape with each party.

This can work well with dividers, too – if you’re using a specific type of hedge or tall bush that loses its leaves during winter, you could mix it in with hardier breeds to create “windows” that open up during autumn and grow back before summer starts.

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