The Big Spring Yard Cleaning

Well the spring is here, and as the nature around you begins to blossom you might just feel the need to start a new life yourself! Before the last neighbors finish their spring cleaning, take a look at your yard and ask yourself does it need a new life as well. It does? Well then, organize yourself, have a nutritious and healthy breakfast to keep you going, and let’s start!

Spring Yard Cleaning

Prepare yourself

If you are anything like me, you won’t be too excited to start your cleaning. A good advice I got from my friends is just not to think about it too much, and to concentrate on the possibility of how good will your yard look, and find something that motivates you. For me, hosting a family barbecue is a reason good enough, but I still do need to have some mental and physical preparation process. Meaning, I have to get myself out there finally. Remember to wear old clothes, have safety gloves and dress warm. Don’t think that you won’t ruin your good clothes because maybe there is not so much work to be done, or some excuse like that, that’s exactly when it will in fact happen. When you go through this list you will have an idea of things, tools and service you might need, so make sure you have everything covered before you start.

Get Help

Everything is easier when you have someone on your side to help you. If you have kids – perfect! Kids love cleaning up the yard, just remember how much you loved it yourself when you were a child, or remember how fun it is for them to clean their room. It’s not the case, of course, but you can find a way to motivate them as well. Their favorite food or ice cream should do the trick, or offer some sort of a small monetary compensation and have them earning their new toy or anything they want, teach your kids some responsibilities and help yourself in the process. Having your family members or friends can also do the trick, bribe them with food as well and make an event of it, make it fun! Get the speakers outside, put on a playlist or even have a little competition who will finish with the errand first.

Back Yard

Winter troubles

Now when you are all set to start, remember what you didn’t do before the winter and feel bad about it. Winters can be really destructive and unpredictable, so if your trees and shrubs got damaged some quality pruning will be in order. Please, if you are not sure how to prune and cut the branches, don’t do it yourself, or inform yourself first. You definitely have to clean all of the dead leaves or waste around your plants and trees, you don’t want it to smother and affect the growth of the plants now when it’s time to develop and blossom. If you have some yard furniture that you haven’t protected, that’s a whole new world of troubles and you might just have to restore them back to their ideal state before you start using it.

Waste handling

With branches, cuttings, leaves and foliage all around you, you will definitely need rakes so I hope you have some tools in the shed. That and plus all the leftovers, garbage and trash you might find when the snow melts, this is the dirtiest part of the work. There are some great and cheap rubbish removal Sydney based services and companies, and fortunately they will take care of your waste, no matter how big or small it is, and they will do it completely Eco-friendly. So pile up everything you can and for the rest just look up the service that can help you. We have to dispose of the waste properly, but if you do have some organic waste maybe leave some of it on the side because we are going to need it for the next and final step.

Yard Cleaning Tools

Greening up the place

Once the garbage is gone and you mowed your lawn, I advise you to plant a tree. As a matter of fact, if you have the space and a big yard, you could do this every year, you can’t plant too many trees with so many forests vanishing on a daily level. Use your organic waste for compost; you can make it on your own easily, and add a new member of your green yard family on the spot that suits you.

Now that you are finished, we can fire up that barbecue! Unless you kept your grill outside and unprotected for the whole winter. That’s something you should waterproof before the first snow starts.

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