The Importance of Furnace Filters

Just like any other major component of your house, your furnace requires maintenance on a regular basis in order to get maximum performance out of it. One aspect of furnace maintenance that should be routine, but is too often overlooked, is the need to clean the furnace’s air filters whenever they get dirty. When your filters become clogged with dirt, that prevents the air from flowing smoothly. That means your furnace has to work harder to push the warm air to all parts of the house. Dirt can also result in damage to furnace components such as the fan section.

Clean Room

Benefits of Clean Filters

If you keep your filters clean by replacing them on a regular basis, you will be rewarded by an increase in the efficiency of your furnace that will extend your furnace’s life expectancy. It will also save you money in energy costs. Filters come in many forms, depending in part upon whether you have an electric, oil or gas furnace. You should always use whatever type of filter is recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use any other kind of filter unless you have contacted the manufacturer to be sure it is compatible with the furnace you own. Find a reliable dealer who can become your filter connection, so that if you need a 3m filtrete air filter you can feel confident that is exactly what they will have.

Finding the Filter

It can sometimes be difficult to locate the furnace filter because it can be hidden behind other components or located within the furnace itself. Check the manual that came with your furnace, or consult the manufacturer’s website online about your model. Once you have located the filter, you need to change it at least every month or so during the heating season. If you smoke or have pets, it may be necessary to change the filter more often. Usually, the filter you buy will come with its own instructions for proper maintenance.

Filters Matter

It is a shame to spend your hard earned money on gas, oil or electricity, only to waste a portion of it because the heat you paid for is being blocked by a clogged filter. The little bit of time and effort needed to keep the furnace filter clean will more than repay you in the form of both heat and savings.

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