The Importance of pH Meter as an Inspection Tool

A ph meter is a device used for potentiometric pH measurements where a probe connected by a wire to a meter can give you the readout on the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid. While you can measure pH using test strips, there are advantages of using ph meters.


PH meters need to be properly calibrated and maintained for a more accurate test.  This is just a precise voltmeter connected to the pH electrode, and scaled in such a way that it displays the ready pH value rather than the measured potential. This is a lot more sensitive than other methods.

You have to remove an alluquot of liquid and place it into the measuring device and add the chemicals needed. You will then use the PH Meter by inserting the probe into the liquid you are measuring. Reading pH meter’s indicator is more subjective than using a color strip or a pH indicator because the range of colors are viewed differently by observers and can be limiting for those who are colorblind.

When it comes to precision, it is more precise as it can measure down to the 0.01th of pH unit. They are also not disposable since all you need to occasionally purchase are calibration standards and probe storage solutions then you can measure as many pH values as you desire. If you want to replenish your supply, Professional Equipment is a great resource for all inspection tools including all your pH meter needs.

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